My Daughter...

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My sister died from cancer

god didn't give it to her, or allow her to get it

Cancer is an illness, a freak cell that mutates into a monster

It has no heart, no brain, no choice of victims

It is not a being just a thing

Science/doctors are working very hard on treatments and cures and I do hope your daughter falls into the group that walk away from this terrible disease with her life.

Humans tend to want to have something to be angry at when bad things happen, I can understand that, I was there tending to my sister until her final breath, I see her two children living without her in their young lives. I want something to rage against but their is nothing there, it is a waste to rage against fate for cancer like this is just a random thing in most cases. She did nothing to cause it, it has been found and she can fight against it taking her, but it didn't choose her.


I send my well wishes and hope you will be here one day talking about her being a survivor.

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I dont have any idea why, but the spell check isnt working on this latest system.... So, forgive me in advance if my spelling gets really bad LOL

Havent yet responded because it is a VERY busy time around here, but mostly I have been waiting to be sure what was going to happen...

They did take her overies, and they did put her on chemo, BUT she is doing really, REALLY well. They are already talking about "remision" and about stopping the chemo... ~I~ think it is a bit too early to make such judgements, but I also recognize that as a distraught father I may very well be a bit over protective... I supose the docs know more then me.... At any rate I am very very happy to see her responding so well. As a serious skeptic of western medical "care" I really wasnt expecting it to go as well as it has.

The truely amazing thing is my daughter herself.... She hasnt even finished chemo (though I guess she will soon), but she is already back at work! Not full time of course... But still. If that where me, I would be whining like a spoiled kitten, but she just keeps trudging along as if nothing is amiss... I dont know where her strengh comes from, but I find more to love and respect about her every day... A truely amazing young lady! I would LIKE to think that I played a part in shaping her in such a way, but in all honesty, she far and away surpasses anything that she could have gained from me....

I would like to thank you all again, and reitterate my absolute belief in the power of mass prayer\energy.... I do not think that your prayers worked along WITh the western medicine... I think they worked DISPITE it. I think that without all the healing energy so graciously provided by all of you, things would not have turned out nearly so well as they have. Of course, I have no way to prove that, but yet, I KNOW it deep in my heart.... Thank you all SO much!

As for me, i have returned home, to the land 45 degree living LOL.... As I said, a very busy time here in the mountains... Between hunting for ginsang, looking for deer and bear sign, making firewood for the winter, making ready for next years plantings, etc,etc, I have found quite a bit to keep my mind occupied... A good thing at the moment I think, though my tired old bones tend to disagree with that sentiment LOL

As for my relationship with the Almighty... Well... It has been strained many, many times in the past. And, yes, rainbow brother, He knows it all too well... I hold nothing back from my Father. This was a tough one... very tough. Maybe because of the situation, and maybe because it is yet ANOTHER of the horrible things I have been "blessed" with, and I am simply tired and fed up... I think, probably, both. My Father has brought some astonishingly terrible things into my life... All my life.

Still.... At the end of the day, He IS my Father... And more. He is also my King and my Commander. And like it or not, He is the only God I have. I may be an insubordinant soldier, but a soldier non the less.... And I suppose, in the end, I really HAVE no choice but to settle down and accept the beatings He so continualy hands out to me... I mean... Its not as if there IS another game in town.... Cant just jump ship and find a new God can I? Some may be able to make up nice fairy tales about this god or that one, but at the end of the day even most of them have to admit they are all ruled by ONE highest GOD of God's... And since that is the one I follow, just WHERE else would I turn ya know? ~shrugs~ it is what it is....

Dear Stormy,

My sincerest apologies for not noticing this thread, I just now read of the tribulations you have been going through with your daughter's ovarian cancer. I am so glad your daughter is doing so well.

I have to confess the oddest thing. Prayer does make me feel better, instantly. I just said a prayer for you and your daughter. I don't know if it made you or your daughter any better, but it made me feel better! But I hope that if you and your daughter know that I and others are praying for you both, and sending our best thoughts and wishes, perhaps that will make you both feel better as well. Tell her that you have friends you've never met, and we are praying for you both.

And I'm one of those people who fall toward the agnostic end of the belief scale. But as they old saying goes, there are no athiests in a foxhole. And I think it's quite all right to be angry with God. He/she/it deserves it sometimes.

Best regards, Carl

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