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  1. 1. are you aware of the Law of attraction?

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    • No- but maybe I have felt something
  2. 2. Do you believe you have total control over every one of your life experiences?

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    • Its possible but how is that possible
    • No I only have a limited control
  3. 3. can you open your mind to the possibility of total control?

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    • where does my creator fit in all this

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For several years I have looked externally for peace, spiritualism and well ultimately paradise. I as a young lad struggled massively with depression and feeling unworthy and like a victim all the time. I always had the mind that this wasn't everything, I was missing something. I grew up in a family where money was enough, I always had food and clothing etc.... however it was a very stressful environment and I grew up within a deprived area. Everywhere I turned it was clear that there wasn't enough, weather it be not enough money or not enough top brands or not enough time or not enough space or health any number of things.

I always had the sense that what I was shown must be fake. I set off in search of the truth of it all. I couldn't find it and the more I looked the more and more disheartened and down I was getting. I read numerous books about all sorts of topics, how to get rich or how to be happy and so on and so forth. I then came across a book called the secret. I found this book to be a trigger as such. The book described ultimately how you can think anything into your experience, but I found even though it attempted show how to do that it for me missed the point. I had no doubt now that I was on a path that I wanted to be on.

I recently came across a series of books written via spirit channelling. This is a concept whereby a person allows a spirit to pass information to them in a meditative state which is then translated if you like into physical words. The books describe a set of laws of the universe, these are collectively called the law of attraction, the science of creating and the art of allowing. The law states that like attracts like, which is true in everything, even in metals although opposite ends of magnetised metals attract to each other it has to be of the same material for this to happen.

The teachings of Abraham go on to explain how the process works in the books. I think it best that Esther Hicks a co-author of the books explain the principles. The basic tenets of the teachings include that we create our own reality through our thoughts, that our emotions are constantly guiding us toward where we want to go, and that life is supposed to be fun. The essence of Abraham–Hicks' teachings since 1986 has been presented as follows:

You are a physical extension of that which is non-physical.

You are here in this body because you chose to be here.

The basis of your life is freedom; the purpose of your life is joy.

You are a creator; you create with your every thought.

Anything that you can imagine is yours to be or do or have.

You are choosing your creations as you are choosing your thoughts.

The Universe adores you, for it knows your broadest intentions.

Relax into your natural well-being. All is well.

You are a creator of thoughtways on your unique path of joy.

Actions to be taken and money to be exchanged are by-products of your focus on joy.

You may appropriately depart your body without illness or pain.

You cannot die; you are everlasting life.

So to the reason for this thread. What are your thoughts?

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Seems pretty similar to the channeled writtings of Seth by Jane Roberts and the Elias teachings that can be found on line.

Have you ever read "Seth Speaks" or "The Nature of Personal Reality" by Jane Roberts. I think you might enjoy both of these and you can probably check out a copy of Seth Speaks from your local library if you like.

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hello Moobesh.... very nice to hear from you...

I would like to make a suggestion to you....

These concepts you've been introducing yourself to are similar to any other spiritual ideas.... you will need time to digest what it all means to you...

You will need time to make the logical and intuitive leaps which will further understanding...

Never stop searching... go back to the wisdom of the messengers.... read the bible... read the koran... read the vedas... the laws of Manu, etc... whichever you feel an affinity for, for there is magic ( an expression only )in those texts... with your new found perspective things will become clearer and clearer... you will find NEW meanings, and further understanding...

These concepts you are being introduced to are just that.... you must also begin to understand how to fit it all together...

as a for instance : yes, you may override the course you set for yourself before incarnating, you may give yourself all that makes your physical incarnation the pinnacle of material manifestation.... enjoying luxuries, the opposite sex, drugs, pizza with extra cheese, etc.... if you are truly drawn to that, by all means experience that which you desire....

however if you would like an idea of the APPROPRIATE way to behave, you must seek the answer deep within... there is a part of you which is ancient.... there is a part of you which has overseen multiple lifetimes and vast ranges of experience... THIS part of you has set your course.... if you truly wish to acknowledge the being that you are, and make the choice which is APPROPRIATE - you must be reintroduced to this amazing being..... reintroduced to the YOU which is ACTIVELY living in your Father's image.... and you need look no further than the mirror... you have a direct connection to this person... you must rediscover it... Jesus ( Jmmanuel ) brought you the ability to discern this course for yourself... the age of the guru is gone... you have no need to accept anothers truth if it does not fit you... but you must understand LAW... and this will be explained to you when you are ready... you WILL begin to see it first....

Be aware that those folks who "channeled" that information, were doing so through the filter of their consciousness.... you will find no one man or woman who has all the truth... it is NOT meant to be... only the truth which can be delivered by your higher self will suit you to a " tee "...

How will this connection be made??? Meditation and introspection with the awareness that you have spirit guides who will assist, and the belief that there is no power which may keep you from yourself once you have begun to search.... however you may get impatient and give up the chase of your own accord, when what you consider sufficient time has passed with no obvious results... that is your choice... but it is nowhere near proof that it is impossible for you my friend..... a driving will and a surety of success IS THE METHOD WHICH WORKS.... seek and you shall find... but dont expect it tomorrow...

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Hey Guys,

Fawzo- I have heard of the teachings of Seth and also of Theo, in the first Abraham book it gives a timeline as such as this is how jerry and Esther hicks (the co-authors) come across the concepts, they went to meet Jane but if I remember correctly she had died several years earlier, then after a short time they came across a lady named Sheila who's collection of spirits were known as Theo. I think in the near future I will have a read of Jane's books.

Dan54- I agree the secret wasn't that great in some terms. I think the reason for that was (which I have now discovered) It seemed to miss vital segments and also I feel even though the secret touched on it I feel it missed the integral parts that the universe plays in it all.

Brother Michael sky- I think your explanation of things is very good and explains the ideas very well. I appreciate greatly where you say about the time. It is something that I have struggled with (although at times it wasn't always clear that it was time I was struggling with)ha ha I can get very impatient, which I don't think is always such a bad thing as it can give me a kick start.

When i first discovered these ideas I went into overdrive and tried everything straight away and came against a brick wall of my own making (invisible one though :D) I have slowly begun to apply the laws as i perceive them to my everyday life and I have come across some absolutely delicious results. results that have shown me this works if i like it or not.

Cheers for the lovely comments guys. I think my next stage would be to put these ideas on paper with regards my circumstances and maybe build an organisation with these foundations. I definitely feel with these Ideas we could support and help growth in all areas such as spiritually, financially and progression not just for individuals but also for the community (from the smallest to as big as you can think maybe even worldwide). I hope this can be delivered in a way that supports diversity and promotes equality and delivers ever growing love.

:D Namaste peeps

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Hello Moobesh, nice to meet you.

Thanks for starting this excellent topic. And you are right, the comments have been "lovely."

Many of us resonate with this journey and, like you, are seeking out these things.

All "channeling" is the same. It is a download from the Universal Information Field and is filtered through the channeler, as brother Sky pointed out. The purity of the "channeling" depends entirely upon the purity of the channeler and so, there are many variances in channeling according to the interpretations of the channeler who can only understand and communicate the download according to their own life experiences.

However, it is the same download because it is truth and there is only one truth. The ancient prophets were highly purified and prepared simply because it was well known that the one giving the prophecy needed to be as clear a channel for the Divine download as possible. Many of today's channelers are not near as purified or properly prepared and so you get numerous obscurities and rabbit trailing etc. They put a personalize "name" on what they are channeling such as "Ra," "Seth," "Abraham," "Jesus" "Semjase," "Ptaah" "The Pleiadians" etc etc etc. But what is channeled is only ONE speaking. The individualization is of those who are entirely ONE in consciousness and historically brought the teaching to our planet. Each has a personality which is filtered through the channelers personality and given their individual expression for the sake of communication. However, these are not individual "spirits" floating about but gateways to the One Spirit which resides within you. All of these "names" are not pointing to themselves but to the One.

The goal is for you also to receive the download and express it as purely as possible because the Universal Information Field has no respect of persons and withholds nothing. It is always freely given. All of it. However, we are limited beings as to what we can receive and communicate. We are limited in varying degrees depending upon our own intention and commitment--in other words, according to the development of our conscious awareness.

I would like to address the question in your pole about our Creator.

There is only one Prime Creator of all and everything there is. This is what is referred to as Almighty God or The Source or The First Source or any number of other terms, such as The Great Spirit, The Christ, The Buddha Nature and about a million more.

However, all the beings in the Universe, including you and I, are CO-creators with our Divine Source. Each one of us creates every day according to our limited ability. We constantly create our reality according to our own limited views. This we do whether we are consciously aware of it or not. When we finally become aware of it by becoming aware of our different levels of consciousness we can then create according to our most inner heart's most fervent intention--or--we can create on a lesser level and get in severe trouble because we feed into our egos and become more and more separated in consciousness from our One Source.

All the "Law of Attraction" means is this: In our longing for Universal Interconnectivity we gravitate to whatever we resonate with according to our knowledge, feeling, understanding and wisdom. This can be positive or negative.

So, in addition to the original Divine-One-Creator-Of-All-That-Is, the beings in the Universe are also creators. Limited ones. CO-creators. Sometimes they are highly limited ones and sometimes less limited depending upon the development of their consciousness and personal wisdom. Another way to state that is--- "according to their Spiritual growth."

Some folks create a hell for themselves. Others create a paradise. Both are self-created constructs. But, as long as we are manifesting as individual beings of time and space we will be creating something, either positive or negative.

Until we learn that we ARE creators and doing it all the time, we feel victimized and tossed to and fro by "outside" forces.

Whereas human beings on planet earth all emerge from this One Source, as does everything else in the entire Universe, there are intermediary CO-creatiors that determine what we are.

Genetic manipulation is the method for that. DNA and human consciousness are two expressions of the very same thing. But--DNA is physical. Consciousness is non-physical. These two different frequencies are totally interconnected and dependent upon one another.

It has now been discovered by a team working with the Human Genome Project that in what was always called our "junk" DNA, they have found an entirely unknown and very bazaar sequence, unlike any other ever found on earth anywhere.

Scientists Find Extraterrestrial Genes in Human DNA

Scientists Confirm Extraterrestrial Genes in Human DNA

Russian Discoveries of ET Genes in Human DNA

Homo Sapiens Sapiens has extraterrestrial genes in their DNA.

However, most of those genes are not yet activated.

Dr. Bruce Lipton and others have discovered that human DNA is the most responsive and pliable substance known. It responds to EVERYTHING---including our thoughts.

So, simply discovering that this new sequencing exists in our hitherto called "junk" DNA begins to activate what is there because it is no longer hidden from us and the fact is, and has been proven, that stimulating energy goes whereever we direct our attention.

These are exciting days indeed.

Zecharia Sitchen

Neil Freer On Sitchen

Sitchen's long study of the Sumerian/Akkadian clay tablets and his understanding of them is now confirmed by the Human Genome Project. And what the Human Genome Project has found is confirmation of the most ancient writing ever found on earth, the Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets.

Tens of thousands of these writings have been found since the late 1800s and they predate the Bible by thousands of years. Among many things, they contain the original stories of the book of Genesis, but are far more detailed and complete than those which made it into the Bible thousands of years later as only very partial snippets of the original information.

This stands as evidence that we have a forgotten history and have had a long ongoing relationship with extraterrestrial beings. This relationship between us and those extraterrestrial beings is elaborated upon in detail in those ancient texts engraved on stone and Lapis Lazuli tablets.

Human beings on planet earth have been genetically modified with extraterrestrial genes. More than once. We are a hybrid race created by extraterrestrial beings from less developed forms which we call "primitive man."

Although this sounds absurd to some and very bazzar to others and even frightening to many, it is entirely NORMAL. This is the way the entire Universe operates. Very evolved and advanced beings modify the genetics of other beings who are compatible and ready for such modification.

Eventually, we too will undertake this mission of our ancestors. But it requires great wisdom and prudence and an understanding of the Universe and our Divine Creator Source. We are only beginning to learn.

It has been said, and I think it is true, that ALMIGHTY GOD never does anything that the creatures of the Great Creation cannot do on his/her/its behalf. The genetic involvement of Universe beings is the intention and Divine Will of the Almighty. It is for the continual UPLIFTMENT of all life everywhere. Some physicists that I know said this of their discoveries. "We have found out that at the most basic level, the Whole Universe is One Gigantic Conspiracy---for LIFE."

This is called "Interconnectivity" both by physicists and by the Buddhists. And, in my view, it is an undeniable fact. The entire Universe is gigantic HOLOGRAM of LIFE.

Right now as we just begin to discover the human genome, we are foolish, selfish, ignorant and very cumbersome hacks.

We must find out who and what we are before we are ready to perform the Great Mission of our ancestors. Right now on planet earth, we are only in pre-school and the importance and interconnection between DNA and consciousness is only beginning to dawn upon us in its most preliminary stages.

Such modifications speed up the biologic/consciousness evolutionary process from millions upon millions of years to only thousands in which are "Punctuated Equalibriums" of very rapid speciation, giving rise to all kinds of very quick changes. And that's where we are right now.

In addition, extraterrestrial beings are required by Universal Law to watch over and guard their genetic modifications. As parents watch over their children, these beings at first, while the new species is young and inexperienced, guide and educate them side by side. That's where all the incredible ancient technology found all over the earth came from--such as the Great Pyramid, the HUGE SONE at Balbeck and the gigantic Wall at Cuzco with perfectly interlaced stones and no mortar, each stone shaped irregularly like a piece of a jigsaw puzzel. Our ET ancestors left physical EVIDENCE of their presence. Later, when the species reaches an age where they can begin to think and create for themselves and develop on their own, the extraterrestrial beings depart from their side with a "hands off" policy. Yet they continually watch the development of their progeny from afar. Our discovery of how to unleash atomic energy to destroy life brought them back into full contact with us because it was a signal that the human race has a choice to make whether to destroy itself or step further into maturity--and therefore the ongoing ET contacts we have been having. After leaving their creation on their own, the ETs only intervene in cases of dire necessity and then only to offer counsel and guidance as mentors.

The "channeling" is transduced (downstepped) from these beings who exist in a vast frequency range of evolutionary/consciousness development. But all of them have advanced far enough along to qualify for this Universal endeavor of creating, modifying and nurturing Life across the infinite worlds of time and space.

As far as we know, the earliest genetic manipulations done on Homo Sapiens occurred 250,000 years ago and was done by the Anunnaki who were undertaking this for the very first time. The story of Adam and Eve in the Bible is a very short snippet of this happening which is more greatly expounded upon in the Sumerian tablets. Our genetic ET ancestors, the Anunnaki, were ready to do this but were novices. Therefore, we still have some genetic glitches to be worked out.

What I have said above is the way this entire Universe normally operates.

Here is a document which explains what, how and why this is done and the cosmic rules concerning it. It came from the Anunnaki after reaching a much further state of cosmic maturity than they had 250,000 years ago.

It was given (channeled) through the mind of a physicist I know, named A.R. Borden, who met with the Anunnaki physically face to face back in the eighties as a part of an Ambassadorial program run by covert elements of the U.S. Government.

ET contact has been well underway for quite some time--since 1947 in fact and quite possibly before that.

The Magna of Life in All the Worlds


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I'll post this similar story for my friend Nestingwave. The video is very odd.


Very interesting phenomena. Similar to the one seen by thousands in 1917 at Fatima. This is a UFO/ETI phenomena and there is telepathy involved in these events and they happen all over the world in various forms. They are on the increase here in the "end of days" as long prophesied. "Signs in the heavens and signs in the earth." Whether someone believes it or not... there they are.

So, Fawzo, what do you think is the meaning of this?


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Very interesting phenomena. Similar to the one seen by thousands in 1917 at Fatima. This is a UFO/ETI phenomena and there is telepathy involved in these events and they happen all over the world in various forms. They are on the increase here in the "end of days" as long prophesied. "Signs in the heavens and signs in the earth." Whether someone believes it or not... there they are.

So, Fawzo, what do you think is the meaning of this?


First thing I thought of was the Fatima kids as well. It is definitely bizzare and I was just wondering what could cause that kind of event. The fact that it is localized also is very bizzare. It the sun actually was behaving in that manner it would have been reported the world over.

I'll have to watch it again. I don't think telepathy would have any effect on the camera though so we can rule that out.

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First thing I thought of was the Fatima kids as well. It is definitely bizzare and I was just wondering what could cause that kind of event.

Both of these were a localized UFO/ETI events.

The fact that it is localized also is very bizzare. If the sun actually was behaving in that manner it would have been reported the world over.

Of course. The sun was unaffected. This was a beamship between the earth and the sun but not very high up. It was the same with the Fatima "miracle" in 1917 where over 700 people saw the sun "spin." The telepathy only occurred among those who interfaced with it, not everyone. Most were totally overcome simply by the phenomena itself and not focused in such a way as to interface with it and receive the download. But a few did or else it would not have been there. You may or may not ever hear about that part of it in this case. The message is always the same and is being transmitted everywhere and it is about warning what is to come and urging us to empower ourselves by gazing upon the Source within us and starting to live our lives from that firm standpoint.

I'll have to watch it again. I don't think telepathy would have any effect on the camera though so we can rule that out.

In my view and my own experiences, the whole phenomena is energetic and the telepathy is on a much higher frequency than what is seen or heard with the five senses. These beings command a "technology" (for lack of a better word) that is beyond our comprehension.

Basically it is yet another visible phenomena to get our attention upon the rapid and extreme changes which are and about to occur in our world and a reminder to be very aware of the Spiritual dimension and not distracted by the chaos and fear. The veil between the Spiritual and physical is thinning as our DNA is activated from the Cosmic Incoming and our consciousness rapidly expands.

It is to get our focus away from the growing turmoil and fear now escalating in our world. A reminder of the stability and peace of our innermost being.

You might say, it is a bit of ET mentoring and help during the ongoing crisis which is escalating at the same time--an encouragement for those who are suffering and in confusion--a bringing back to the reality of our oneness and interconnectivity so that we can access a more fervent inner intention for peace on earth and goodwill toward all men instead of hatred, war and fear.

You have to understand that this is only one of many events now happening throughout the world which are totally interconnected. The Norwegian Spiral and the many other spirals sited around the world, the massive Tetrahedron over Red Square, the many sitings of the "Blue Star," the crop circles, Dr. Greers ambassadors to the Universe ET physical contacts and many many more.

We have been and are being engaged by extraterrestrial intelligences and this phenomena will increase as it already has. There is no longer much plausible deniability that this is occurring but, just like everything else, many feel more comfortable being in denial or in fear. So be it.

It was the same way in ancient times when human beings were confronted by "angels"--some of whom took physical form and had dinner with Abraham. He was ready for it and had no problem with it. Interdimensional "technologies" (for lack of a better word) are a given with the ETs. They represent many many various ETs from the parallel worlds of time and space who are always interested in evolving worlds which come to this magnitude of a crossroad. In fact, every eye in the Universe is upon little planet earth right now as she gives birth to an entirely new paradigm where Life can flourish instead of deteriorate and wane. Some of the ETs are the midwives.

Remember that what we see with our eyes through a telescope is limited to our 4D space-time. The ETs are not. They do not "travel" space according to our concept and that's what confuses a lot of people. Where did they come from? etc. It is a downstep from another dimensional frequency altogether which quantum physics is only just now beginning to discover.

We have arrived at that big crossroad.

These particular ETs have been with mankind on planet earth from the beginning as I pointed out above. We are biologically and genetically related to them. Now the time has come for this revelation to take place because our dysfunctional world can no longer remain as is. It cannot continue much longer on its present downward spiral into suicidal self-annihilation. The phenomena is pointing to that and hearalding a better world to soon arise after we finally let go and let God and cease our meaningless conflicts--especially the unresolved conflict going on inside ourselves.

Some call this process "ascension." But some are not yet prepared and ready for that and must do another long round before they are. That is as it should be. An entirely new way of thinking about everything is emerging and it is so bazaar that it scares the hell out of many people who would rather things stay as is. So, that's what they will receive and have to deal with. Whichever route we take is strictly a matter of our own choice and these signs are to help us to prepare by emphasizing the seriousness of our present outward situation on this planet and what is at stake.

The crop cricles are patterns of sacred geometry that resonate with the crystaline structure of our DNA. Just gazing upon the crop cricles works on an inner level of resonance, even if we have no idea what the symbols mean cognitively. Those symbols do have outward meanings on many different levels but our cognitive minds can get in the way of the purist inner message which is energeticly resonating with our consciousness to inform us on a more or less subconscious level. Our crystaline inner structure resonates regardless of our cognitive understanding. The cognitive metaphors can, however, become gateways to specific communicable knowledge. Once you "name" something or put a label on it, you can contemplate and discuss it but this is not necessary in order for the interface to operate. For example, one person recognized one of the crop cirlces as being a diagram of how their propulsion system works. Another saw a diagram of the earth with all its magnetic lines of force. etc.

All of these phenomena are temporary and not permanent. The crop circles remain longer than any of them--a full crop season. They all are interactions which are never forgotten by those who experience them and usually change ones life forever. In my own case, rather than make me want more and more of these phenomenal exterior experiences, I began to see that EVERY phenomena in the world, including those we usually consider to be mundane, are equally bazzar and informative depending upon how we interface with its subtleties. In our moment to moment experience we often miss so much because we are not paying attention nor do we appreciate the beauty of the moment which, when seen from a full perspective, has a lot more going on than our daily tick tock apprehension. Our wild minds are most often anticipating and dwelling in what's coming next. An experience like this, however, tends to STOP one cold and overpower them with sheer unforgettable awe.

All the ETs are doing is boosting and focusing the Universal Information Field so that we, who are usually so dull, will pick up on it. We interpret the download. Some will say, "an apparition of Mary!" Others will say, "Alens" and yet others will scream "INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE!" Our minds put it into the context of our own personal belief system so that it can make sense to our cognitive minds. We automatically go to work cognitively analysing and trying to figure it out so that we can put it into some coherent linear event that makes sense to us. This is just normally how our minds work.

Even if it is a hoaxster in a hot air balloon flashing mirrors, the interruption of our ordinary thinking may make us think that Jesus is speaking wisdom and indeed he is---all the time anyway--only our cognitive minds never came to such a halt before so that we could hear.

However the proliferation of these type of events around the world are no haox but very relevant to the strange times in which we live.


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I think the junk DNA is just spare data kicking around which may or may not become active in future generations. As a poor example, you may carry the ancestral data for red hair, blonde hair, black hair, brown hair,etc, for being tall, short, skinny, rotunde, big boobs, little boobs, green eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes, various genetic ailments... You are born with active genes for just a few of the traits, the rest of the traits which might have become active continue to float around. There is also evidence that your environment, your diet, the drugs you take, and many of your life choices have an impact on what direction your genetic development takes as you grow up. The genetic choices continue even after you've left the womb. So all the data for the various choices that could have been made must be within you.

Nearly half of the human genome is composed of transposable elements or jumping DNA. First recognized in the 1940s by Dr. Barbara McClintock in studies of peculiar inheritance patterns found in the colors of Indian corn, jumping DNA refers to the idea that some stretches of DNA are unstable and "transposable," i.e., they can move around—on and between chromosomes.

This theory was confirmed in the 1980s when scientists observed jumping DNA in other genomes. Now scientists believe transposons may be linked to some genetic disorders such as hemophilia, leukemia, and breast cancer. They also believe that transposons may have played critical roles in human evolution.

McClintock received a Nobel prize in 1983 for her discovery—making her one of only two women ever to receive an unshared Nobel prize in science. The other was Marie Curie.

Professor Chang isn't mentioned on the Human_Genome project. I have not been able to find any links at all to Professor Chang's teams research. Serious research findings are published for peer review. I can find no peer review. Even scientists who have yet to be published in a recognized journal will post their raw data for the viewing of fellow scientists in the hopes of attracting the attention of a publisher.

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In genetics, noncoding DNA describes components of an organism's DNA sequences that do not encode for protein sequences. In many eukaryotes, a large percentage of an organism's total genome size is noncoding DNA, although the amount of noncoding DNA, and the proportion of coding versus noncoding DNA varies greatly between species.

Much of this DNA has no known biological function and is sometimes referred to as "junk DNA". However, many types of noncoding DNA sequences do have known biological functions, including the transcriptional and translational regulation of protein-coding sequences. Other noncoding sequences have likely but as-yet undetermined function, an inference from high levels of homology and conservation seen in sequences that do not encode proteins but appear to be under heavy selective pressure.

Another possibility is that non-coding DNA which has cross-species presence is a missing link. Ever see a Mara? Head of a bunny-rabbit. Hooves and body of a small deer. They freak my husband right out. Darwin and others observed physical similarities between species and came to believe that they had developed one into another. We've seen fish with legs. We've found skeletal evidence of links between dogs and horses. And yet a dog cannot mate with a horse and produce a Dorse. A monkey cannot mate with a man and produce a Mankey. A bird cannot mate with a lizard and prouce a lird or a bizzard. The reason is the varying lengths and complexities of dna stands. The data jigsaw pieces don't physically, naturally fit into place with eachother. Isn't it possible that the junk (alien) DNA of various data strand lengths and complexities are missing links between the species; left over evidence of eons of evolutionary development?

p.s -

I don't deny that there could be evidence of extraterrestrial life or even extraterrestrial participation in the development of life on earth - I'm just not convinced that this is it.

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Hi Tsukino_Rei,

Two great posts. And it is clear to see that you know quite a bit about genetics. Excellent posts.

Do I take issue with what you are saying? No. We are all trying to seek and find out the truth of our origins and better understand the "WHY" of the present world downward spiral and our planetary civilization's complete unsustainability as "business as usual."

The commonly accepted view, which has in fact become the dominant view in what can only call a "dogmatic" way, is Darwinism. This is the only view allowed in our present science or else you loose your job or find it impossible to get a paper published. No, I am not speaking of "Creationism" being the correct view either. It is plainly silly, in many respects, and has all sorts of huge holes and assumptions in it. However, classical Darwinism does also.

When I discovered those articles in the Canadian National Blog, I too attempted to find out information on Dr. Chang and his team.

I found nothing.

However, I have studied the Sumerian writings, which are the oldest ever found on earth, and there is no doubt that they speak about ET contact and the relationships between us and those Annunaki (those who came down from heaven) or Ben Elohim (sons of god.) Also the Nephalim which many ancient texts (not just the Bible) call "fallen angles" who mixed their seed with earth humans and produced the "giants" of old. Giant skeletons have been found. You can find photographs of those giant skeletons on the web.

Our "relationship" with the Anunnaki was a Master/Slave relationship from the beginning. And we are not the "Masters." There is just too much evidence from many different ancient sources to ignore. In one way or another, human beings have had interaction with ETs for many thousands of years. Every culture on earth tells something about it from their own myths and cultural perspectives.

Now, does that mean Dr. Chang's DNA work is true? No it does not. Let me explain.

There is no doubt that there are secret government projects being carried on about many things. Propulsion systems and flying machines are only two. There are also numerous psychological operations being carried out. Also, continuing research on mind-control and its applications, which became very sophisticated during Hitler's Third Reich.

There are also secret and highly efficient methods of generating energy being held back from the general population in these projects because they negate the present oil, coal, gas and nuclear monopolies which are also a part of this huge Control Paradigm. For example, it is well know that you can very efficiently split water into hydrogen and oxygen and produce hydroxy gas which could power ALL present gasoline engines. But, OIL is King and the Control Paradigm who this King serves wants to keep one of their chief methods of control over mass populations.

These are called "black projects" and are completely out of the oversight of Congress and also the President of the United States. Some of the more violent and criminal of these black operations are even carried out by rougue groups within the three letter Intelligence organizations which pretend not to know about them.

There is a very well documented history about the origins of the CIA and NSA which connects them directly to Rienhart Gelen's Nazi Intelligence groups (Gestapo and SS) which were brouht over to the U.S.A. after WW2 under "Operation Paperclip" and fully installed into our Intelligence community where they have been ever since. They had the intelligence on the Soviet Union at the time.

I mention this because they give allegiance to the agenda of the World Control Paradigm, certainly not to the U.S.A. or any other country.

The Human Genome Project is vast and covers many continents. The connection between DNA and human consciousness is well known and there are many efforts being done that are outside the law on cloning and even creating Chemeras.

If Dr. Chang and his team uncovered ET genes in human genetics then it is highly classified, I assure you. Why? Because it would cause complete upset and turmoil among many segments of our society such as traditional religions and even materialst/realist science itself.

If these two articles in the Canadian National Blog are factual, they are parts of the Human Genome Project being done under the strictest National Security in one of their "black projects." That's why Dr. Chang is no where to be found. It lends the element of plausible deniability to this discovery. Anyone can say, "this is not real." And that is exactly as it is intended to be because such a discovery has too many implications to be directly released into the main-stream. Even Dr. Salla of Exopolitics could not find any information out about it except in the two articles and of course the well known Russian work.

However, the Russian work being done on it is not quite as clandestined. But none of this will be bandied about in the main-stream because of its high sensitivity. It is absolutely paradigm smashing! So, why is this information being fed to us through the CNB? It is being told to us with high plausible deniability and given INCREMENTALLY to give time for it to be absobed and considered as to its possibility, probably hoping we will draw the conclusions that they are hoping we will draw.

Such a vast change in our perspective requires time to digest. Those who wish to totally deny it have excellent ground to do so. Those who are more familar with the other supporting evidence, such as the ancient Sumerian documents and the writings from every culture on earth, connect the dots immediately.

The ones releasing this knew very well that we would immediately make this connection.

But not too many people are aware of those ancient documents and what they have to say and few know very much about Cultural Anthropology. Certainly not too many people give any credence to the Canadian National Blog however it is a known outlet for intelligence information which they wish to be released, usually for nefarious or deceptive reasons. That does not mean it is entirely false information, only that there is an agenda behind it which is not immediately apparent.

Actually, they have probably already known for years that human DNA contains ET genes. Dr. Chang and his team may have done their research years ago and now is deemed to be the proper timing for it to be released. Its release in this puzzling way makes it easy for anyone to say, "that's BS" and then forget about it.

Now, just because pieces of writing were carved on stone 100,000 years ago certainly does NOT make it true information at all. The fact that these ancient Sumerian stones speak of what can only be called the "genetic engineering and/or manipulation" of homo sapiens sapiens does not make that absolutely true.

Perhaps, for example, it was nothing more than some ET violating Universal Law and fornicating with the species of human beings already here. Perhaps the genetic engineering story about the Anunnaki needing to create a slave race to mine their gold to be taken back to Nibiru, where it was finely powdered in order to repair their failing atmosphere, is entirely made up by the Anunnaki themselves in order to deceive future generations of humans into thinking that their fall to earth was for a legitimate reason.

The various ET races apparently have extreme longivity. They think in terms of thousands of years, not hundreds. Evidently they are close enough to being human that mingling their DNA with ours is not too much of a problem.

Of course, Chimeras have been created right here on planet earth which are two very different species being combined into a biological entity. Now, they even use animal genes in some genetic crop manipulations. Perhaps this is not very wise. In fact, it may be a violation of Universal Law.

If Dr. Chang's work is a covert operation (which is a distinct possibility considering many things) whatever is being announced is being done so under the auspices of the Powers-That-Be, and as we all should know by now, they cannot be trusted. This does not mean that ET DNA in human genetics is false, I think this is undoubtedly true, but when referencing back to the ancient stories written in those tablets, how much of that is purposeful disinformation? This is a possibility when you consider where that information came from originally--the Anunnaki (those who from heaven to earth came.) They are also referred to as "fallen angels" in many texts, not just the Bible.

In other words, even if Dr. Chang's team is a covert operation within the Human Genome Project (of which there are many) and ET genes are in human DNA--does not make the stories about how those genes got there accurate at all.

Many are just now waking up to the fact that there has been a huge deception carried forth on planet earth for thousands of years. Things are not what they appear to be at all.

The travesty of 911 and the horrible aftermath was a wake-up call to anyone with eyes to see beyond the propaganda which surrounded it. Information about all this ongoing deception is the "Forbidden" knowledge of the occultists from ancient times. It is "Forbidden" because it is to be kept secret by the huge Control Paradigm which is now about to gain power over the entire earth with their very visible New World Order espoused by Bush, Rockefeller and many others.

Since 911 and the recent criminal financial manipulations, this has been blatantly in everyone's face. What was once quickly categorized as a "Conspiracy Theory," mocked, ridiculed and dismissed, is now being exposed as more than a "theory." It is and has been a VERY long agenda of those who desire totalitarian world hegemony--with themselves as dictators, of course.

Although the players change, the agenda is ancient. It has been a long and incremental and very gradual take-over of the bodies, minds and souls of men and women who are considered to be mere "serfs."

Our present societal and cultural seperation from Mother Nature and from ourselves and one another is symptomatic of this. We are gradually being robotized to obey without question. $ war and FEAR are the chief means of control--and they work. Of course, those at the very top of the hierarchical power pyramid assume themselves to be "enlighted" (The Illuminati) but, in reality, are completely ignorant of the Universal Oneness.

Here is an applicable quote from the great Sufi poet:

"You have the light, but you have no humanity. Seek humanity, for that is the goal." ~ Rumi

Now it may not appear to some that this has anything at all to do with the "Law of Attraction" however it does. You may be attracted to knowledge and the light of knowledge and yet lack the attraction (resonance) with the Universal Force Field of Love that bonds our consciousness of interconnectivity and oneness.

And there, in a nutshell, is the precise spiritual condition of the Control Paradigm which presently rules every aspect of our lives through $, war, energy and most of all FEAR.

There is an extraterrestrial connection to this and that too is "Forbidden" knowledge. "Forbidden" by the vast Control Paradigm which consists of the present Powers-That-Be behind the curtain who manipulate everything, of which 911 is a very graphic example. This is what several Congressmen meant when they said, "there is a substantial secret government and we cannot penetrate it." Yep. However, they work fully for it, not for the people.

This morning I had one of those "synchronicities" which greatly helped to connect the dots of this puzzle.

Please watch these videos. They well exposes the "Forbidden" knowledge about who and what we really are and the present world Control Paradigm which would rather that we not know. Give these excellent videos some consideration and contemplation and then compare them to all I have said above.

Marcel Messing

The Story of Stuff


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I've gotten through the two video's, a video which a responder recommended, some of the other links, and some related reading -

The rest is going to take a few more days, alot more pizza and most definately some caffeinated beverage.

But I'll be back!

hehehe. You're workin too hard. Relax and allow. Grock it.


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I didn't much like the movie "The Secret." It is just like any other consumer item. It speaks of the "Law of Attraction" but fails to elaborate on the Law of Cause and Effect which is essential to understanding the Law of Attraction. And it is "sold" just like any other propaganda product in our "consumer driven" society.

Just understanding the Law of Attraction plays directly into the hands of the Control Paradigm and is yet another means of distraction away from the truth.

While there is no doubt that the "Law of Attraction" is real and it is true that we already create our own reality and with the realization of this can begin to create a far better world, "The Secret" was aimed at the supposed fulfillment of "things." It is only a "secret" which your controllers wish you to know for the sake of their own agenda. But it is not the "forbidden knowledge" of the ages which exposes the Control Paradigm. In fact it is just another psychological operation of that Control Paradigm. In other words it was completely shallow and offering only a tiny tiny portion of the story. It was just another piece of brain-washing. People resonate with it because the Law of Attraction is not too well known in our culture up until now but it is one of the Laws of the entire Creation.

The Story of Things video that I presented above indicates how our society has been completely "dumbed down" and distracted onto a round and round hampster wheel of dysfunctional self-destruction.

But there is one thing which I deem important to understand about a couple of quotes used in "The Story of Stuff."

Here is a quote used in this video and I want to say something about it.

"Our enormous productive economy demands that we make consumption our way of life--that we convert the buying and rise of goods into rituals from which we seek our spiritual satisfaction, our ego satisfaction, in consumption. . . we need things consumed, burned up, replaced and discarded at an ever accelerating rate."

Victor Lebow (1955)

This man, Victor Lebow was a Retail Analyst and I was so stunned by this statement that I traced it back to its origins. Yes, in an article of that period (1955) the man did make this statement----however--- it was not reflecting his ideology or philosophy. Remember he was a RETAIL ANALYST. He was commenting upon what he observed happening, not giving his own ideology.

However, during President Eisenhower's administration one of his economic advisors did indeed say this, "the American economy's ULTIMATE PURPOSE is to produce more consumer goods." And, of course, this has been our escalating environment ever since---- Unsustainable Consummerism at the expense of the planet and all her children. This has been designed (by experts) for the purpose of our total enslavement to tyranny.

Those would-be tyrants call themselves the "Illuminated Ones." They are the Illuminati.

This brings to mind a wonderful quote from the great Sufi poet.

"You have the light but you have no humanity. Seek humanity, that is the goal." ~Rumi~

When Eisenhower in his last speech to the nation spoke of the great peril of

he was warning the American people about this Control Paradigm (as many others, including other presidents have also) which he was well aware of. Now, it has fully taken over and is in the last stages of solidifying its complete control--world-wide.

As I have often said before, this is totally insane.

So, I present this to you in the hopes that at least one or two would seek a little further and awaken to what's been going on for a long time right in front of your nose. You will understand the real "why" of 911 also.

The Story of Stuff is also on U-Tube and you may find it easier to download--so here it is on U-Tube. Carefully consider what is being said here. It is highly educational.


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As to the word I used---"GROCK" I thought perhaps I should clarify its meaning since it is not a commonly used term.

Look at definition #1 and #2. This is my meaning.



I assumed it was from Heinlein..... 1961... stranger in a strange land ... the original term perhaps ? ......

( of course i understood your usage nesty, as well spoken as always...)

Definition number three seems diametrically oppsed to the first two definitions. What about that "stoned" part?

that would be a reference to stranger in a strange land too, wouldn't you think??

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