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Vod (Video On Demand) Modern Day "Nothing On".

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Flashback to 2002, I've been online for a few years, I'm a smart lad, I personally have intrest in and take note of internet trending, and I blurt out to my computer science teacher and room how in a couple years people will be deliviering streaming video. Most everyone scoffed, I nearly scoffed at myself, because no-one knew how that would happen. Keep in mind this is before youTube and video sharing websites. I wish I new because I'd be a millionare now. However I wasn't the creator just another visionary.

Back to the future now, we sit, at our computers, scanning through crap video after crap video looking for something good. There is some good, and lots of not so good, but good god it came true.

What is the next step?

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