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I've been looking around the site, and while I have found a good deal of legal information regarding official registration through out the US, I have found little information about what those of us in the UK need to do. If its even possible at all!

So I've started this thread, I'm about to start my own research into the topic, and will post anything I find. But it would be greatly appreciated if any one else who knows anything about the topic, or has the inclination to do their own research, could post as well!

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we have quite a few members here from the uk.they can answer your questions better,however,as i understand it,uk law is basically this:

unless your a registrar,or clergy in the church of england,or a recognized church in the uk,your not going to preform a marriage ceremony that's,as i am given to understand,as long as you have a registrar there to sign the license,you can do the ceremony.clear as mud?

try these guys.almost all are from the uk:

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Things may change in the U.K, with regard to the ULC, as the government is bringing in a new equality law that will also include "minority religions" ie scientology, this law will also give equality to vegetarians, things are now a foot. Many in the Ulc in the United Kingdom, have long pushed for recognition of the ULC in the British Isles including myself..

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Hi guys. I have been reading over your posts and I was wondering what could we do in terms of establishing ourselves in the UK. I am new to the clergy however I am not new to spiritualism and the path I have vibrated to as is the same with us all.

I started this thread with a view to discussing the formation -or maybe establishment is a more beneficial word- of a UK church I think it is important to bring in a physical aspect (a seminary) to the organisation to compliment the current format for us. I do believe there is a wonderful place for us here in Britain as is everywhere else, we need a good strong foundation and base for us to grow and be more accessible to those who want to access us. I do feel that we have a majority divided and distorted society which has some amazing diversity. We need to bring this about.

Let me know how you see it but I think due to our traditions here it may be more difficult for our recognition. However as a collection of people and ministers with the love and support of our brothers and sisters across the pond and other places we can only move forward. :D I do feel we have a wonderful opportunity here.

we are leading edge creators here lets create :D

Love to you all

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