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I would like to ask everyone to pray for 2 of my junior Marines under my charge. My Lance Corporal just had her sister die of stage 4 cancer. That same day she found out that her mother had a cancerous Tumor in her left breast. My other Marine, a Private First Class, Just found out this morning that his wife (who was 7 months pregnant) just had a miscarriage. I ask that everyone sends prayers and good will to these two Marines. Its bad enough that we are deployed and they are away from their families. They don't deserve this punishment.

I am a man of Faith. When this happened all I could think about was the story of Job. Even though I feel in my heart that there is a reason, all I can think about is 'Why' Oh Lord? Why allow and innocent baby who hasn't had the opportunity to have the breath of life to die? Why take away the joy of a first mother and father? Why take away a sister, a daughter, and a mother and the same day allow that disease to take over another loved one?

I don't understand. Maybe I'm not meant too. I also ask for your prayers. That the Lord of Life will not only comfort these two Marines, but still the question of 'Why'. I also ask that you pray for me. Lord give me the strength to help my Marines when they need it. Give me the answers that You want them to hear. In Christ's Blessed Name. Amen.

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I feel your concern for these marines.

The Lord's " man on the job " is you.

They have the benefit of one who DOES care, in that they are better off than many.

You cannot take their pain, but you may share this pain with them, and perhaps lessen it that tiny little bit which will allow them to keep marching on...

You must trust the Lord IS guiding these souls to where they need to be.

May the Lord bless you, and keep you safe, for the work you do....

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