A Bluecat Blues

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I very seldom write anything like verse nowadays, but the other weekend I wrote two. One of them turned out as a blues...

Sharpsuited devilman blues

I met with a devil

Who said he was a gentleman

sharp suited devil

blackberry mobile in his hand

I said Devil what you doing here?

Who let you on my land?

He laughed and said,

Until the lease falls due

I walk by night I walk by day

Just as I like to do

Go check your papers, sister

Aint nothing you can do.

He cast a net

Over the land and sea

He cast a net

Around my man and me

He said fair shares,

one third for you, one third for me.

I said devil,

you are no gentleman

I said devil,

I’m not gonna shake your hand

Sharp suited devil

Can’t drive me off my land.

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