Prayers For A Little One

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I know there are many fine folks on this forums regardless of their philosophical differences. Our newest grandson was born Nov 2 2009 some weeks premature. It was determined within hours of his birth that he contracted pneumonia, suffers from PDA, and jaundice. He was immediately transported to the neonatal care unit at MUSC here in SC. He is on a ventilator and antibiotics for the pneumonia and underdeveloped lungs, undergoing phototherapy for the jaundice, and may need a heart surgery procedure if the PDA doesn't heal normally. He has steadily improved but is not out the woods yet. MUSC is a teaching hospital and one of the best in the country. The doctors and nurses at MUSC are as close to medical wizards as you'll find anywhere and the prognosis is "guardedly good." The parents are staying Charleston with the baby while my youngest daughter and I tag teaming the chores of looking after their 4 other children (ages 7,5,3,2.) My family and I humbly request for my newest grandson be kept in your prayers if you have an extra minute and happen think of it.

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After a few tense days followed by over a week of steady progress, I am pleased to report that the boy is doing much better and is now home. Thank you everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

That is fantastic and I'll continue to pray for improvement.

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I'll add my wishes for his complete recovery!

My nephew was born quite premature, and much too fast (second stage of labour took 20 minutes). Because it was so quick he was born in his parents' bedroom while my brother was dialling for an ambulance.

His lungs collapsed when he was a minute or two old. The ambulance crew saved his life.

Then he contracted jaundice.

He spent the first 6 weeks of his life as a little wizened yellow (and furry - a consequence of being so premature) creature in an incubator at the John Radcliffe National Health Hospital in Oxford, UK.

I'm glad to say he is now a healthy bonny 10 year old and learning to play the trumpet.

He tells me he can make it sound like an elephant breaking wind.

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