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Religous Counseling At Work

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there is a comparsion being made between illegal conduct(sexual harrasment)and discussing religion.i pose this,can your employeer asking you to keep your religious discussions off the job or job site in some way affect your life,employment or mental health in the same way as sexual harresment?if you've never been thru it,you have no idea what your throwing out as an example.i have been and lost a job because of affects so many parts of a persons life,that some who are subjected to it have commited suicide.

religion on the other hand can be annoying, used as an excuse to be rude,or not get a task your employeer wants done,but to the best of my knowledge,noone has lost a job,or commited suicide because of being asked not to discuss it at work.

that is the difference between the i dis agree with the comment about staying quiet.

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