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These people never smile or say a word,

They're all too busy tryin' to make an extra dime,

Oh I'd love to haul 'em all down around Spartanburg,

And show 'em how to raise hell in Caroline'.

If THIS is the promised land,

I've HAD all I can stand,

Wish I was down in Houston town tonight,

Nah I just don't fit in,

And I'll never come back again,

But I'm busted here and got Dixie on my mind,

Lord, I'm stuck up here and I got Dixie on my mind....

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So i once had this friend... This guy is NOTHING like me... But we where friends just the same.

Im the backbone of this nation... The heart and the soul... I sweat, and I bleed, and Ive buried more then one for the jobs sake... Thats who i am... thats what i do... And even though his kind take 90% of what i sweat and bleed for, i was proud to do it, because thats 'my kind". His kind sits in the air conditioning and only bleeds from paper cuts... BUT, they claim to be the "head"... The brains behind it all... And thats cool, all i wanna do is go home, hit the shower and wait for my paycheck on friday... this is the way the world works after all.

Well... When his kind dropped the ball and damn near did this country in for good, i still had faith in the "system"... I especially had faith in my friend. He told be that even though it was the desk jockeys fault we where IN the fix we where in, that it should be ME (backbone and and all) who should be forced to pick up stakes... Leave my home and my kin.. and go find work someplace else so that the 90c on every dollar kept flowing towards the head... to him and his kind. This is a tiny peek into the life that i left behind...

Well.. i followed my friends advice... and I learned a of couple things. First, I realized that even though we are now on opposite sides of the fence, i miss my friend. he cant HELP being him any more then I can help being me. Second, I learned that even though i still LIKE the man, I do, overall, have just a tad less faith in his and his kinds decision making abilities... It was MY fault I had faith in the system he espouses... It was MY fault that i took his advice... But ive learned that about myself too... I really shouldnt be so damn gullible... Hopefully i have remedied THAT situation at least.. How i will remedy the schism it caused between me and my friend i dont know... yet.

But finally... and above all else... I learned the MOST important lesson of ALL.. That being... "If Heaven aint allot like Dixie... I dont wanna go! If heaven aint allot like Dixie, I'd just as soon stay home! Just send me to hell or C'ville city, it'd be bout the same to me!" ;)

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Here's one I've felt a special affection for, for a long time...

Preacher man talkin on TV,

puttin down the rock and roll.

Wants me to send a donation,

Cause he's worried about my soul.

He said Jesus walked on the water,

And I know that it's true,

But sometimes I think that Preacher Man,

would like to do a little walkin' too

But I ain't askin' nobody for nuthin',

If I can't get it on my own.

You don't like the way I'm livin',

Ya just leave this long-haired country boy alone.

I'm Northern Born, but Southern by the Grace of God...

"I don't want much of nuthin' at all, but I will take another toke....

But I asking nobody for nuthin', If I can't get it on my own...

Hehe.. I'd like to HEAR that bro!!!

It's been heard in 46 states, at this point... :)

Doesn't seem as loud since I cut my hair.... :(

(Shoulda seen the folks on the platform, as we were riding the Thomas The Tank Engine train, and my son begged me for a good Yell.... I could almost see the hair raise up on their arms - I have an odd sense of humor... :) )

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Hehehe! Yeah.. me and you've had our differences too bro... BUT.. the fact that you even know who David Allen IS, makes ya pretty alright in my book ;)

Ive put this here before.. but this is the "mood" thread.. And its the mood now for me... She lives in Europe, but she'd be right at home on my hill... Wish she DID live there.. shes hot ;) LOL

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So now the TSA has decided that since OBL is dead its a GREAT time to lock the American people down and restrict travel on trains as well...If ya wanna rade a train you'll have to get finger banged just like an airport victim... Thank god for the eternal war on terrorism right? never mind thats its YOU thats looked as the terrorist...

So... HERES a question... How in the hell are they gonna carry out there anal rape agenda once they realize that ONE WHOLE HELL OF ALLOT of us hobos dont pay for such niceties to begin with, but much prefer to catch the next boxcar at the next slow point???

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Thats ok... until they start up the armed checkpoints on the roads peoples like me can still opt to take thier vans out on the roads... All we have to do is come up with the measly little $7 a gal by summer and we're all set aint we???

Restriction of internal travel is one of the MAIN points of communism... You simply cant HAVE a slave population if they are capable of leaving the area..

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Who would have ever thought that WE would find OURSELVES in this position??? Well... i did.. and I said as much... for YEARS... But there are things afoot that I DIDNT foresee either...

Mr. Obama.. The unexpected uprisings in the Middle East should show you and your masters by now that the people of the world will no longer tolerate oppression. Instead of quietly passing the American Stazi Act (See something, say something, snitch on your family) you NEED to open your eyes to the reality around you.

"Mr. Obama, tear down this wall!"

Do it now, or face answering to Ron Paul as your next President.

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So im a new grand daddy... Again. Cept that THIS time, i have yet to place my hands on him... ALL i have, thanks to the aristocracy, is a picture on my phone.

I'm GOING home damnit... I am gonna HOLD my precious little baby boy in my arms and kiss his wonderful little forehead... And i will PROTECT him.. from ALL enemies... Both foreign AND domestic.

WE have dropped the ball people... YOU and ME are the REASON this world is in the shape it is in. WE became complacent. WE became lazy. WE gave up morality for a dollar. WE allowed ourselves to become enslaved. WE worshiped our masters for a few pennies on the dollar return.

But HE is the REASON we HAVE to change this. Him and every beautiful child like him.

"Mr. Obama, Tear down this wall!"

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Are you paying ATTENTION? The people of the world simply wont stand for it any longer.... the people of the US sure as hell wont.

No.. we ARNT out in the streets... Not YET. No we ARNT hanging the judges who betrayed us... Not YET. No we are not executing the members of the FED for mass murder... Not YET.

We.. As a people... Are skeptical of ALL things. YOU taught us that. But we are WATCHING... And we are LEARNING. Are YOU?

Are you LISTENING to us Mr. Obama? There are one HELL of allot more of US then there are of "you"... Have you heard us YET?

"Mr. Obama, tear down this wall!"

Do it now, or face answering to Ron Paul as your next President.

WE are exactly who we CLAIM to be... WE are Americans... And like your own kinfolk, we are NOT gonna take it any longer...

WISE up... MAN up... WAKE up...

"Mr. Obama, tear down this wall!"

Do it now, or face answering to Ron Paul as your next President.

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