Universal Life Church Presence In Canada

Rev. Scott Luxon

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I have done some research and found very few if any references as to whether ULC Ministers have any status here in Ontario

I found one reference that says we are allowed to perform services in 2 provinces but not which ones

When I am ready I would like to be able to help people should they need me to perform ceremonies

If anyone has any insight into this matter please let me know

Thanks for your time

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i wasn't aware that ulc ministers in canada were allowed to perform any legal marrige ceremonies.if you mean other services,such as baptism,funerals and non legal marrige ceremonies,yes you can.

i would check with your provencial government about that,but that is what i'm given to understand.

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ah... okay, thanks guys.

I know a few ministers and pastors and such maybe I can ask them.

So, anything that doesn't take a certificate should be legal then.

yeah, due to the monarchy it is a little stricter up here I might have to go to a denominational bible college if someone wanted me to do a legal ceremony.

I'm kind of torn, really love what the Universal Life Church stands for

cross that bridge when we get to it i guess

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  • Administrator

As found in the Frequently Asked Question, Countries Other Than US, Canada.....

You might consider applying to be a Marriage Commissioner. There is no special requirements other than a need for another marriage commissioner in the local area. You can then do the legal ceremony as a marriage commissioner simultaneous with the religious ceremony. No one will know the difference except maybe the couple. And maybe not them...

There is also some information specific to some provinces but the accuracy of each is only as good as the last individual that advised us of inaccuracies. But it will point you to some places to make inquiries.

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