Marriage In Virginia


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I see that there is a 1974 ruling from the Supreme Court of Virginia

that seems to say that ULC ministers cannot marry people.

(This case, "CRAMER v. COMMONWEALTH", affirms a lower court ruling that ULC does

not "responsibly select" its ministers for ordination, and that the law can require

ministers to be "certified" to that standard. The authority for ULC ministers was

rescinded by the Circuit Court in Richmond; this is affirmed.)

Is it still the case that ULC ministers cannot legally celebrate the

rites of matrimony in Virginia?

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There is conflicting legality in VA. Case law indicates that its illegal for a ulc minister with only an ordination from the ULC and no local church to solemnize a marriage, however the VA OAG has issued an opinion otherwise. Unfortunately the only real way to get a 100% answer is to challenge it in court.

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