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The pastor of the church across the street from where I live, Pastor Ken, has been very sick for a few weeks. He just went in for further testing and the initial feedback is pointing towards a diagnosis of lymphoma.

As fellow people of faith, I ask for your collective prayers.

This man has been a wonderful friend and mentor to me and has made me welcome in his church for worship and fellowship while accepting that I am not of his denomination, he has embraced me as a fellow Christian who simply has chosen a wider denominational path.

Please also spare a prayer for his wife, children, and the church community he serves. We are all shaken by this news, but thankfully, we do have a strong community which has banded together to support each other. That being said, there can never be too much faith, support or prayer.

Thank you for reading.

--Br. Devon

p.s.: You can also light a virtual candle at my website to show your support. Click the logo on my signature, enter the site, and on the bottom of my links page, you will see the light a candle button. Thank you.

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