Why Seek Ordination


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... Of course urination itself is not a profane act in itself. Everybody does that. But will you enter a church and urinate at the altar saying there can be nothing wron with that because urinating is natural?

C'mon guys don't raise an issue for the sake of raising it.

Good reply RS, but I was not raising an issue simply for the sake of raising it. I raised the issue because, in my opinion, it is germane to the thread trend.

two somewhat related points strike me as curious, though.

1) . Moses was told to remove his sandals because he trod on 'holy ground.' That tells me that human feet, designed and created by God, are more worthy to tread holy ground than sandals.

2) . Now you suggest that urine, something God invented and designed the human body to produce, is somehow less worthy than a man-made altar. Who determined that a brick and mortar altar should be raised above ANY natural part of your humanity? Perhaps this may seem to border on a rediculous line of reasoning but there's a method to my madness and it is this;

We are divine. We are of God. That is not to say we are individually infallible or we cannot commit crimes or be hateful or have any other human weekness. What it DOES mean is that we should be very careful about declaring any part of our natural design "profane" or "shameful."

We do not require a church or an altar or even special "holy ground" to somehow sanctify or validate us. We do not require a church or clergy class to serve as a gateway to a direct son-like or daughter-like relationship with our father/mother creator. It is each man woman and child that sanctifies and makes a church worthy as a place of worship and not the other way around!

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Why seek ordination? In my case, it is because of the state's involvement in spiritual matters, especially regarding the blessed union of two spirits. Otherwise, there would be no need to carry a card or be registered in a book somewhere. Behind the scenes, spirit beings (whether one names them angels or allies), respond to the urgings and negotiations of priests and shamans and laypeople regardless of their official status.

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