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Sermon Rules

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* ULCOnline Chat Room *

There are a few rules and guides to follow before entering the chat room.

1. When the speaker is talking, please do not interrupt them.

* If you have a question, there will be a Q&A time at the end of the discussion or between sections. We will make sure to answer all your questions, but this way the speaker doesn't loose where exactly he/she is, and it also makes the material being discussed go much faster.

2. Know what the discussion is about.

* If we are in the middle of a discussion do not ask what the discussion is about. Information on that day's discussion will be listed in the Chat Room Area.

3. Respect others in the chat room, don't play around.

* If there is a discussion going on, please keep the horsing around out of the room till after the discussion is over. This includes talking in action.

4. Respect the speaker in the chat room.

* If there is something you don't agree to, please understand, that in a lot of cases there is more then one way to go about doing something. Do not disrespect the speaker in anyway because they teach a different way to do things. They are teaching just in a way to help, nothing is ever set in stone.

5. Only ask questions that pertain to the topic that is being taught.

6. The Universal Life Church is based on religious tolerance. Religion bashing, personal attacks, and attitudes will not be permitted; the result will be the same whether it is done on the forum or in the chat room. This pertains to the sermon leaders as well as the participants.

* During the discussion keep all comments and questions to the topic at hand by keeping all questions not pertaining to the discussion to yourself, or private message.

Following these rules makes it a much nicer room for everyone trying to learn and to teach here. Respect all and you will be given respect.

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