Interview With Baby Ella/kaylee On The Women's Channel

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A good basical explanation of ABism, and relationship Ab's have. Includes interviews with Baby Ellas/Kaylee's family, e.t.c.

Overall, very Pg-13. However, I warn you it is a frank discussion of ABism, and for some they may prefer to avoid the link, allthough as I said, it is really PG-13.

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this is not meant to be 'intolerant,' although I'm sure many will see it that way:

the point should be on getting to the root of the problem and dealing with it, rather than 'catering' to the problem by seeing it as nothing more than a 'lifestyle choice'...

reason 1: this 'trend' leads people to be below the functioning level;

reason 2: they're not encouraged to live up to their true potential.

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