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You and I, once

Solitary travelers on this ship called Life,

Meeting, embracing my deepest emotions and full belief

That we were destined to be together and share the journey.

How much can happen in an instant!

Flesh-and-blood harmonizing in the briefest encounter

As butterfly wings or the strength to move mountains

Unable to foresee the tragedy ahead.

I remember, as a girl, romanticizing death

As if it were nothing but a shimmery poetic word

Without the force of power to ever claim me

Nor touch anyone else with its reality.

Til now, I did not know! I did not realize!

Til now, I did not see that the fragileness of Life

In the shortest unseen moment-flash

Can, in itself, cause eternity to become emptiness.

My plans have changed.

No longer do I wish to return to

The place where I lived in days of joy and happiness,

But for my ashes to be scattered where you died-

For there, too, ended my hopes and dreams.

I strain to hear your voice in the wind

But you are not there.

And I move silently thru the days

As if the sunlight no longer exists,

For it means nothing, holds nothing, in your absence

And the flame of hope has been extinguished.

The nights are darker, colder than ever before-

Chilled by tears and unspoken words.

No one understands.

Still, as for so long, attempting to push and pull me

In the direction of Elsewhere

With not a concern as to where I've needed to be.

In the past, not so long ago, I had such a fear of dying.

But now it is different.

Something inside tells me it is o.k. to let go,

To pass peacefully,

If to be able to take your hand.

But as he made her promise to continue life

To not give up, as I am pressed to do

For my heart to stop beating,

As their song played the refrain unforgotten

An ache inside, rising, causing the chords to change

To the haunting melody in the distance-

Nearer, My God, To Thee.

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