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Definitely some of the best. Voodoo child has one of the best intros ever and is one of my favorite songs.

One of the best intros imo that I have heard in a while is the intro to The Bleeding by Five Finger Death Punch. It's pretty hard metal. I'm sorry. To be fair it's their softest song. :)

As far as metal goes (Not a popular genre I know).

One of my favorite intros has always been South of heaven by Slayer. Very dark and ominous intro.

South of heaven

Walk by Pantera has a very distinctive and hard hitting intro with one great solo(It's Dimebag can't go wrong).


Iron Maiden the Trooper.

The Trooper

Metallica Enter Sandman.

Enter Sandman

I don't remember seeing Mr. Crowley in the solo list. It should have been. Rhandy Rhodes was amazing. has a cool intro too.

As far as blues.

Devil Got my Woman by Skip James. Short but sweet intro.

Devil got my woman

There must be a better world by BB king and Dr. John. One of my favorite songs and great intro.

There must be a better world

Riding With The King by Eric Clapton and B.B. King.

Riding with the king

I might list some more with great solos later on.

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