Denying Christ

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Peter did it to you three times;

You even told him he would.

You knew his heart and future.

Saul was out to get all of your believers;

You knocked him down

In a blaze of Divine Light

Changing his zeal against You,

for You.

Here I sit at my kitchen table,

Every morning,

Where I make decisions,

Contemplating the day ahead,


You see, Lord,

I’m confused

(Ha! What else is new?).

I know You didn’t intend to start

A new religion, but You did.

You wanted to bring Light to the world

But men have changed it back into darkness.

We so-called Christians have

A form of godliness,

But the power is missing.

The words all sound good except that today we say:

“Be warmed and filled,” because we cannot multiply

The loaves and fishes.

What we do have – the excess harvest –

We burn or allow to rot in the fields,

Preferring to issue government cheese

Of artificial color and taste-

Not unlike our beliefs-

For the sake of filthy lucre.

People speak in Your Name.

And the preaching sounds right,

Spoken from the lips formed in

Sparkling smiles

And perfected dental work;

Not in robes of righteousness,

But rather garments of fine wool

Highlighted by silk neckties all paid for

By the Widow’s mite

Entrusted to the Gospel of Christ.

Is this not also denial?

Is Christ a marketable commodity –

The new and improved Jesus -

Preached in places which have had

A demographic survey

And tickets in advance

To an audience that desires to see

The charismatic preacher perform

An extravaganza for God,

And be emotionally moved

By their own silliness

Rather than empowered

With the true Nature of the Holy Spirit?

Is there a difference between

Benny Hill and Benny Hinn?

I’m confused, Lord,

With those who profess the gospel

Yet manufacture miracles

For fear of embarrassment when the

Blind do not see;

The lame do not walk.

And with those who need

To go to school to learn how

To speak in tongues properly.

Yet, they are not real, nor authentic;

Merely staged devices employed

To persuade us

To send in our money for the

Healing prayer rag.

“Watch the eyes of Jesus in the picture

Miraculously follow you around the room!”

Yes, I know it is faith that heals

And not the rag…but!

Are we deceiving ourselves and others

When we have to pretend

It’s real because we do not have

The faith - do we really believe?-

To move mountains?

Are they only making a decision for Christ

To enlarge the preacher’s audience;

Not the Kingdom?

So I sit at the kitchen table

Asking if I am denying my Lord

Because I cannot heal the sick

Nor raise a dead child back to life,

Nor believe in the “new” Way,

The corporate Christ.

Lord, let me get one thing straight.

I am tired of the deceptions, lies and facades.

I would even lay aside the bible itself,

If I thought it was fabricated,

In order to seekYour Face more clearly.

Your words ring true

And resonate in my being;

Because I have seen

Your power work in my life,

Not on the TV screen.

All I have, all I cling to

And hope in are the

Promises of God

In spite of the shams and scams

And evangelistic circuses on television.

But what about the gullible?

How refreshing it would be

To meet a real oracle of God!

Yet, I wonder,

While sitting at the kitchen table,

If we would recognize

An apostle in today’s world

Without the dental work and nose job.

I will walk by faith,

Still hoping, still believing,

As much as is in me

Until the End,

For I think I understand

Now what You mean

When You said to those

Unfortunate souls

Who healed and preached in Your Name,

“Depart from me…I never knew you.”

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Who healed and preached in Your Name,

“Depart from me…I never knew you.”

Do you feel Yeshua was just being sarcastic when he stated such. Surely God knew of us before we even entered the womb.

I guess the confusion we share has a bright spot in the anticipation of finding out more once we jump that final gap. Gives us something to look forward to.

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Thanks, Wiz. :coffee:

Fawzo: I don't think He was being sarcastic. I think He meant "I never knew you" regards to being a true disciple.

Yeah, I'm certain that when we "cross over" we are all in for some surprises! :thumbu:

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