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Lord Occultis

The Children's Crusade

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Marching off to war, innocence their only defense

They marched off to the Holy Land with the pretense

That God honored innocence

On their way to defeat the Muslims, they were captured and slain

Putting pay to the Churche's plan so insane

Now we send a young men and women

To fight for liberty

And make they pay for their innoicency

On altars made by the State when seal their fate

As tools for the will of old crusty men

Untill they become broken and can;t be used again


Marching off to war, marching off to kill

Marching off to war, marching for blood to spill

Sacraficing youth by the command of old men

Sacraficing innocence on a pretense for the next of kin

Children's Crusade, then and now

Children's Crusade, the evil old men will allow

In Falujah or Sadr City, young women and men rise and fall

When the war is over they will raise a stone memorial wall

What can buy back innocence, when the wounds erase all dreams

What can buy back clean hands when wars made them murdering fiends?

Damn these old man, let them fight their own goddamn wars

Goddamn these old men and the deals made behind closed doors

How can they sleep at night, knowing they have sacraficed or young

How can the veteran sleep when he flashes back to what he's done?

Goddamn these hypocrites, with their pious lies and sneaky plans

Sacraficing on the altar of State our young women and men

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That really makes me think of my oldest daughter and middle son who both are serving in Iraq, for a war that in my opion remind's me of my tour in Vietnam, FOR WHAT?

Nothing it seems to me. Why don't these old geezers go fight their own damn wars? There so willing for these young men and women to shed their blood and bear the terrible burdens that war brings, while they sit safely back home. I say hand them all that voted for it an M-16 and let THEM shed THEIR blood for THEIR own damn war!

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