(crawling) Return To The Womb

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I'm going insane

I'm going on a train

To a destination in the sunset

A bright place where I can forget

My own face and the rest of the human race

finally found a safe hiding place

crawling from my room

crawling into your womb

crawling back into inner space

crawling from this place

crawling back into subspace

They say I'm insane

Maybe their right

But if they could see with my eyesite

They'd be crawling soon

crawling from this room

Crawling away from this doom

Crawling to the womb

Crawling, Crawling

All I can hear is a silent roar

All I can see is suffused with more

All I can feel is a silent joy

All I can see is what they want to destroy

With their words and preconceptions

I'm beyond such dour deceptions

I'm removed from their power perspectives

I've found Paradise and it's not in the sky

But between her thighs

So I'm crawling

Crawling from this place

Crawling to subspace

Crawling, Crawling

I'm crawling into a state of grace

Crawling, Crawling

I'm crawling past the Tree with no taste of fruit for me

Crawling, Crawling

Crawling into your hallowed sancturary

Crawling, Crawling

Maybe I'm insane, but in here's no pain

Crawling, Crawling

Crawling, Crawling

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