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Sorry. What is sorry? That it is used inside your head.

Can I say to you: “I’m sorry”.

Does it convey what is truly being said?

Is that possible?

To know once it is really gone away from you, and placed once again in my head?

I’m forever in a dream behind the brightest stars.

The light is covered with darkness for who knows how far.

Sorry will not prevail or keep me from this nightly flight or trail.

My thoughts are painted with the darkness of the moon.

It glows with the blood of light from another galaxy and a different tune.

Don’t ask those sorry questions why; just sit a feel the reasons it gives us and lets us abide.

There are many big secrets of life that we do not care to really see.

Feeling sorry for ones self leaves them with only a few of them to be rightly free.

The universe has no current borders like human beings.

The crystal lights are guides in the nonstop darkness of our mind's images of time.

There’s darkness; it’s not black as you once thought it had to be…

It has colors, but many have gray areas they choose not to let go of, you understand me.

Mystery in the inner circles and of very time of essence can be blind.

Trust in might they say and not in right, always lead them to sorry for they have become so mean.

You have to hold on to what you’ve got is their motto's sorrowful as it may seem.

Mysteries will last forever. But humans will soon not be a care, or considered sharing the knowledge there.

Without understanding time.

Without understanding knowledge.

Sorry just does not cut it, nor could one be so sorry to even care.

© Mwyncoop 2008

All Rights Reserved

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~ Yummmy imagery there! :biggrinthumb:

{I've been told to stop saying 'sorry' so often...

But I do feel sorry when others are harmed & I wish they weren't! Guess I need a larger vocabulary.}

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