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Again this is a copywrited work.


Me mam was sweepin the floor when there wis a knock at the door.

Me mam said "Answer it, its yer Aunty Glynn"

But it wasnae.

They kicked down the door like just wasn't there

My mother they saw and began to stare

"She's a Witch alright, just look at her hair!"

" And that Besom she's got under the stair!"

They stripped my mum bare to look for the mark that just wasn't there!

Then they raped her and dragged her out by her long, black hair.....

On the day of her hanging, my family was crying

"Where is she?" they cried

"LOOK? She's coming!

The Priest said his prayers as she climbed up the stairs

To where the noose went round her neck.

Someone shouted "She's only a woman, let her go!"

The soldier who raped her replied "She's a Witch and whore, on with the show!"

As he fondled the wiatress and guzzled his beer.

The door opened up and my mum fell through

But, before she died she looked at me and said "Hate not son, Goddess bless"

JT Walker-Smith

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~ That's definately a depressing & distressing image. Sorry that is in your mind.

Remember, these poems were penned around 1992. They aren't in my mind anymore. If I could find just one more that I have lost it would set you crying, problem is, i didn't pen it, the writers name is not known to me.

Rev.d John

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Thats just too sad.

I guess your talking about past life regression, right?

I regularly regress. It is real easy for me and I don't need hypnotism or anything. My memories are happy, and I've even remembered being born which was pretty trippy.

In fact the opposite problem is true for me. Since stress or strong emotions can me regress easily, I have to really keep a strong hold on "myself". I've actually cursed myself to keep from doing it. It's like a little voice in my head that pops up sometimes, lol, and I got to like tell it "No, not here. You want to mae both of us look like an idiot"?

It's worse sometimes in certain stores. You know how little kids want things and that voice is like "I want that!", which wouldn;t be so bad if it wasn't something soert of embarrasing like a toy, or a teddybear, or some kind ok kids clothes like footed pajamas, lol. I probably could get away with more if I was female.

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