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A Young Mans Sillyness

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Again, this work is mine and is copywrited.

An explanaition for my American Brothers and Sisters. The term TWITCH was first coined by myself in 1991 to put the words Witch and Twit together, the word TWIT in England means "being a bit of a fool, unthinking sillyiness etc". The poem will explain what I was thinking back then about some things that were happening in the Craft in the local area. Mates are friends. A WHELP is a young pup just off the "milk Bar" to "go for someone" is to think they are great, well dressed, cool.


With one degree under my belt

I said "YESSSSS! I am no longer a whelp!"

I went out to show what a Witch could do,

All dressed in black from my head to my shoe.

With a BIG pentagram over my heart

My eyes were aglow.

I slick back my hair, I haven't a care

For I am a WITCH!! You had better take care!

I run into some mates

They are stood there with their dates.

I think, "YEAH! they'll go for me

In my black drapes"...

One looks round and falls to the ground laughing and rolling around

The others look on their eyes full of scorn.

One says "What the f^&% are you on?"

I look at him and mutter

"I am a Witch"

They all looked at each other then laugh and then holler


I walk away crying, in my heart I am dying.......

I am not really a Witch............Am I?

I am a Twitch...............

Help me?............................Please?

JT Walker-Smith

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~ Poor Sweet!

Have known some young that went through the same & they would come & sit in my garden all wilted, drinking limeade & dripping tears on the stones.

It's not a shame to be happy & proud, but pompously expectant of accolades will generally provide amusement to those that know you too well :dntknw:

Nice piece. Thank you. :)

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