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Monday thru Thursday is normally 'business casual.' Friday is usually more relaxed unless I have a meeting. Weekends are comfy-cozy clothes....jeans, flannels, etc...

Always the best shoes (I like H.S. Trask). Belt and shoes must match. Thick socks. Underwear is usually boxer-briefs or none at all. Almost always a white undershirt.

Weekends and Thursday afternoons I am often wearing a golf glove and ball cap.

I also like to wear thigh-high, fishnet stockings with a thong and FMPs, but I digress...... :shades2:


PS: I am reminded of Bill Murray from Stripes when he says with a wink, "I rarely wear underwear, but when I do, it is something unusual."

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Mostly business casual.

I work in an office environment but because I do the IT work and am always moving Suit and tie is not good idea. But jeans would be inappropriate unless work is expected to be dirty that day. This means button up shirt with collar and comfortable khaki's or slacks or sometimes cargo pants for a more casual day.

Once you start dressing like that daily, it gets to be habit forming.

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I would describe my usual style as comfortable and relaxed, but that could change depending on the mood I'm in when getting dressed though. Lately there's been a lot of dark blues and vibrant purples in my clothing choices.

If I'm going out somewhere special, I'll dress according to the theme of the venue.

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at home...usually nothing

to go out...comfortable

at pagan festivals to drum... loose fitting pants/sweats & tight shirt or no shirt

at pagan festivals when not drumming...colorful, different, flowing with a cape if the temperature is colder & topless if the temperature is hot.

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