Everyday Is A Gift

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If 'Everyday Is A Gift' as the saying goes, how many of them would you like to return?

wellll, I'd have to get a calculator to figure out how many I have had thusfar... & I'd honestly say quite a large number of them...

too bad ppl can't get to a point and say "Hey, I want a do-over!"-- but life isn't a child's game like that

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~ Now now Kami, y'know some days, gifts even so, just weren't good. If you'd known, ya wouldn't have even opened! :lol:

One day I had for instance...

Our eldest child was 2 1/2 , our next was 10 mos, crawling really well usually but he & I had real bad flu.

My husband left very early for work & put the 2 in bed with me {the heater didn't work well in that house}.

Woke up & the younger had had diarrhea alll over the bed. The older was rearranging their room, all his brother's toys out the window.

Got him stopped, set him down with breakfast & then went to clean-up the younger & myself.

Got the babe in the high-chair finally with his breakfast & the eldest had tried to flush the last roll of toilet paper... didn't go. Flood!

Then suddenly the diarrhea hit him. He was toilet-trained, wouldn't wear a diaper.

No toilet.

Ran out of diapers anyway.

Oh, & there was vomit involved too. All 3 of of us by afternoon. & no laundry machine, washing by hand clothes & sheets & towels & all...

{My husband had a reallly! bad evening when he got home.}

Days like that ~ Y'know, just would be really nice not to have been gifted with that? I still can't laugh about that one & it was 25 yrs ago.

& the 10-hr waits in the emergency room to get a child stitched-up? That's hell... a child frightened & in pain for so long.

Most days, yeah. I can celebrate something if not many things... But there do be some that; Just ARRRGH!!!

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If 'Everyday Is A Gift' as the saying goes, how many of them would you like to return?


all of them got me to where I am, made me understand who I am and life is just what I want to have and a heck of a lot more days of it.

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Every moment of now is a precious gift like a box of chocolates . Its a shame I've swallowed so many of them without savoring them properly and while I dsilike the coconut ones when I don't bite into a coconut one it makes the others more enjoyable.

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I would not return any although sometimes I recycle some, I mean, there are some gifts I just dont know what to do with.

Now this makes sense.

The gifts we are given are opportunities to see beyond the literal. Yeah, there's bodily functions and other such interactions, but those are not "gifts" per se, those are just part of this physical existence. Every day you get a brand-new chance to change things, to do the right, the higher and greater good... if you understand or see what you are really doing.

So yes - to "recycle" is what we do until we learn what to do with what we are given.

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Yes, I feel that every day is a wonderful gift.

Now, true, I haven't always felt this way. I used to have days that I wish had never happened. What? Years, in fact. But that was then and this is now. Life is kind to me now.

And it is true that I waste some of the gifts, even now, but I am thankful that I had them so that if I did have something important to do I could have done it.

Nowadays I try to be thankful just for waking up in the morning. After that things work out pretty well for me.

Peace & Love!

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~ Oh well... & here I thought maybe some others had some days they wanted to share :rolleyes:

Had a teacher come in one morning needing a fresh cinnamon roll.

She'd gone to the carwash the day before {one of those automated ride-in ones} after work. Got stuck.

Was trapped in the wash with water & flailing whippy-things for over an hour! :(

Finally got home & her great dane had gotten the fridge open... Yep, every bit of food & every container devoured.

Her husband made dinner, she was so beat.

Yep... grease fire. No one was hurt! Kitchen was totally destroyed.

But she really needed that cinnamon roll the next morning :wub: She had a 3rd-grade class to deal with on Halloween!

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