A Dragon's Flight

Guest Solbehlas Draconious

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Guest Solbehlas Draconis
"A Dragon's Flight"

My wings now free.
I spread them wide to go places I never known before.
No chians to bind me.
No collar to control me.

My wings gather air as I hover into the sky.
The ground is getting smaller and smaller.
I grandfully head to the open sky diving into clouds of the unknown.
Feelng the freedom I deserved for so long.

A dragon tear sheds my eye.
I say to myself that dreams can be reality.
That a life I deserve can be mine.
With my wings I can sail any sky I want.

While in flight there is no time.
I can discover me and what I need in my life.
I will be who I am without insults from others.
Long as I can fly, I will live and love as a dragon heart should be doing.

Solbehlas Draconious 2008
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