Who Do You Look Like?


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Depends on the day--Some days I wonder who is that in the mirror, and I have to look twice.

--I looked like different people at different times in my life---it is always one or the other-- below! :bow_arrow: Depends which side of the bed I get out in the morning--


blessings or not,


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Ah--all in the eyes of the beholder. I am sure you are very handsome Br. Kaman--I can tell.

I have never in my life been influenced by looks--only intelligence and state of the heart--and I don`t mean atherosclerosis either :derisive: . I have always been lucky--have loved and been loved very much.

namaste and peace,


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I am a young virile man, slim waisted, broad shoulders, muscular with long, wavy hair. The mirror sees an old potbellied, gray haired has been.

:rofl: ...ah when you're done with it....would ya mind to hand me back my mirror!! I hadn't noticed it being gone until reading your response Bro Kaman!

Blessings of Peace,

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