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What celebrity(s) have you been told that you resemble? The question relates to being that if you have been told by some that you like xxxx and others say you look like yyyy, I am thinking that in many cases they are probably not that close to looking like each other. The point is how two people can look at the same thing (person) and see two very different things...

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ooh...oooh.. I have a great combo.

I have been told, at various times, by persons apparently delusional, that I looked like

Ed Harris

Bruce Willis

David Lee Roth..

I don't think any of those is even remotely true, btw. When I had long hair, I could almost see a DL Roth connection... maybe... well, we were both blond with high cheekbones.. two eyes and a mouth..


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When I was a teen they said I looked like Rick Flare,In the Navy I was told I favored Dolph Lungren,and a few years ago Toby Keith.I have gained alot of weight and havent been compared to any more famous people so I guess it would depend on how long my hair is and whether or not I have facial hair.I would say King Kong Bundy without hair or Bam Bam Bigelow minus the Tattoos.

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