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When your heart is free, and unafraid,

I will hold you in the shelter I've made

of peaceful dreams and promises

But for now I must continue to let go

and place you safely in the hands

of TheOneWhoIsStronger,

standing aside,

unable to understand why

doing the right thing has to hurt so much

As I need you more than I need my own breath,

the fire in my soul burning with our connection,

remaining silent, yet waiting

To Love you in a shower of rosepetals,

the taste of saltwater upon your lips-

but to now hold nothing but hopes and dreams.

Someday, perhaps,

if ever I escape this shell

if ever I cast away the cloak of lies

to be in your eyes As I Am-

perhaps then...

When your heart is free, and unafraid,

I shall give you roses.

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Truly a wonderful work of art. Reminded me in some ways of Song of Songs and of Saint John of the Cross...sublime!

am curious as to how you made this connection...?

to me it was more along the line of "He who lives on hope will die hungry.."

which came from something in the NY Daily News a very long time ago-- based, I suppose, on a B. Franklin quote, although I didn't know that at the time...

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