[MOD WATCH]Best Gal In The Joint

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Best Gal in the Joint

I've known you for so long,

Yet each time we meet you're a revelation.

We were introduced by shared friends

At a party during a long, hot summer.

I'd heard about you, of course -

You had a bad reputation.

You'd been passed around by my friends

And used by them.

And yet - I couldn't resist you any longer.

I had to at least try you out one time.

You were just too seductive, too hot,

Too sweet-smelling.

I'd have prefered some privacy

To get to know you properly

But no - we had to embrace

Before the entire room.

I watched as one of my friends prepared you

Gently wrapping you up like a present for me.

He gave one last loving lick

And then pushed you in front of me.

I held you, oh so tenderly at first

As I tried to light your fire

With trembling hands, I succeeded

And put my lips on you in heady anticipation

I suckled at you, using only my fingertips

To support your almost non-existent weight

We spent several minutes locked together

As I became intoxicated on your exotic airs

All this time, you submitted to me totally

If I had so desired, I could have passed you along

To another, but I wanted you all to myself.

Yes, my love - you were that good.

But everything comes to an end

And soon, you disappeared.

I looked around, but you were gone

Only your scent remaining.

My head swam from you

As the others laughed at me

"Now you know!" they all said

And I...

I had fallen madly, insanely in love.

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