Mink Divorces Raven

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One day, Raven was flying and saw an old house. He was curious, so he went and looked inside the house and found Mink.

Raven asked Mink to marry him. Mink agreed.

One day, Raven went hunting. But, before he left, he told Mink to make some akutaq.

It gets dark early in the fall and Mink couldn’t see very well in the dark. She heard a voice and the voice told her to put some akutaq on the porch or else she would be eaten alive. She was scared so she put the bowl of akutaq outside. A little while later, the bowl was thrown back inside.

The dish was licked clean.

Soon after that, Raven came home. Mink asked him if he wanted anything to eat. He said no, that he had met a hunter on the way home and the hunter gave him something to eat.

A few days later Raven went hunting again. Again, he told Mink to make some akutaq and to make it very good. When evening came, Mink heard the voice again. The voice said “Hey, if you don’t give me some akutaq, I’ll eat you alive!” Mink thought the voice sounded like Raven so she decided to go and find out. She took a piece of coal from an old fire and threw it outside.

The voice on the porch said “Ow, ow, ow.” After a few minutes, Raven came in with his hand over his eye. When Mink asked him what happened, he said that when he was trying to get wood for the fire and he got some into his eye. But when he took his hand away, his eye was full of charcoal.

Mink then said to him “You’re the one that has been eating my akutaq! Get out. I never want to live with you again.”

Raven then left.

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