To The Past And To Me,

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To Me,

13 days and it will be 2 years,

I miss you babe, with all my heart, I miss with all my soul,

I promised you I'd be ok, It's hard as I miss you babe,

Why does one learn so much so late,

As I promised I'm out and meeting people,

I've met friends that I would not trade for anything,

to bad the way I had to meet them,

I've met acquaintances that I would not trade for anything,

to bad the way I had to meet them,

I miss you my love,

The one you promised soon will come, so I leave my heart open,

as you told me to do, yes I know you told me he will stop the bleeding

But for now I still miss you.

Somebody used to love me, somebody used to care,

someone used to hold me, someone was always there.

I'd give heaven earth and hell, just to still have you here.

Some say there's a heaven, some promise me a hell, I'll

assure you my friend their both here on earth not and over there.

Somedays the pain is easy, Somedays the pain is ---------,

All I have are memories and I wont let them cause my fall.

I do not know the answer as now I have had both, is it better

to have loved and lost or never loved at all,

You've told me in my waking, you've told me in my dreams,

I must move on to heal my heart, it's just harder than it seems.

In 13 days my love my friend, It's time to let you go,

my future is in one you never met and never got to know,

He will know your love through me, for you made me who I am.

I still have love in my heart, and am thankful that I can.


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