The Frog Pursuit

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<H1 style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; TEXT-ALIGN: center" align=center> </H1><H1 style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; TEXT-ALIGN: center" align=center>The Frog Pursuit</H1>

There once was a boy who found himself without a care for the discipline of life. From the feeling of being uncaring for what would result in life, this boy stood within his chaos. As he grew and became a man, he continued to flounder in his true desire, uncaring of the outcome of his actions.

One day as he was walking through the streets of the busy city that he lived in, a small girl unexpectedly crossed his path. Not seeing the small child, through the force that had been intersected by each other, the small girl was quickly struck down to the curb of the street. Realizing what he had done, the man swiftly bent down to the child. In seeing her dazed eyes, he began to speak to her. The man's first thought was too reprimand the child even as she lay on the sidewalk, still caught within the trauma of this time.

As the man looked into her eyes, the images reflected back caused him to begin to cry. From the reflection of the little girl's eyes, he only saw himself. He saw the trauma that held the little girl at that moment motionless and he saw the boy within that for so long chose not to be seen. As his tears fell, they gently began falling upon the eyes of the child. As the tears fell, the reflection through her eyes being returned shown as a mirror of light, being backlit from the Sun, high above them in the sky. Through the radiance, the little girl found the words she chose to say to the man.

"Sir, don't cry. You can not hurt me," said the little girl. "When I ran in front of you, I was chasing a frog that I had seen jumping across the sidewalk. I was in such a hurry to touch the frog, that I was not caring of anything else. "

The expression on the man's face showed the questions of taking such a risk by the child, only in an attempt to catch a frog? Realizing in the little girl caring so deeply in the pursuit of the frog, that she was uncaring to the danger of the pursuit. The man then spoke to her.

"Little one, how possibly could chasing the frog have been so important? Because of the choice to chase the frog, you were hurt as a result of the chase," asked the man in wonder.

"Sir, as I said before you cannot hurt me" she said giggling. "My chasing of the frog was your uncaring pursuit in life. Your choices becoming your desires, regardless of who crossed your path or the damage/danger you created in doing so. A life without a tear shed or taking the time to look into the eyes of your soul. The frog was your pursuit, rather than taking the time to stand still, fearing what you might see if the frog was no longer important."

"Sir, today you crossed paths with yourself. Remember me, remember the frog, and remember my laugh. If you can do this, your frogs will always be your "prince-I-pulls" of joy in your life." When the small girl had finished speaking she bounced to her feet.

"I have to go home now Sir" she said smiling. The little girl then stretched her arms, springing up on her tiptoes, and as the man watched in awe ~ she quickly had taken flight. As the little girl gained height a white dove continued flying higher than the man could see.


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