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~ Ooo... I feel challenged! { :yahoo: }

Gods scatter like leaves

leaving cryptic wind-blown sneezes

and crunchy paths

{I do not intend insult to anyone!}

There was a frozen place

where once Gods whispered, "Hear Me!"

... Good salmon fishing now.

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~ Winds that roared

now whisper

of frozen Gods long lost.

Ancient trees stand sentinel

holding the sacred ground.

... I don't know... Maybe? :dntknw:

{Thanx Dabby! I do love ya! :wub: }

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~ Thanx Dabby! Your beautiful trees have soothed me :friends:

Ancient cypress cling to stone

worn and weathered

twisted by time

Sycamores, giggling,

tickle the sky

Redwoods hush the world

with hooding clouds

wrapped about their height

Cactus-like with grand aspirations

Joshua trees rudely gesture

across the desert

:dntknw: ...

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