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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, everyone! I'm a newbie, so please pardon any faux pas I may commit. This seemed like the best place to ask for guidance- from my fellow pagan clergy members. I have been a witch for my entire life, despite having been raised (loosely) as a Protestant Christian. I seem to be adopted by different Beings, from time to time, and have run into some perplexing things. When I was in my early 20's, for example, a male Being would show Himself in my dreams, when something bad was about to happen at work, particularly if there was going to be some nasty backstabbing-type things going on. He is a big, African fellow, and He would be standing on a small hill, under a full moon, holding a large knife (like a machete) in His right hand, and a large snake in His left. He would then literally slice the snake, from the beginning of its neck, down to its tail, in one movement- like He was filleting it. Very iconic, right? I would awaken in the morning knowing to watch my back...He was NEVER wrong. I don't know who He is, but I honor Him still, even though He hasn't shown up in a LOT of years- but then, my life situation and day-job are quite different in nature than they were, back then, LOL. I still don't have the slightest why He chose to do this, or to present Himself in that way. I'm grateful, though. Recently, we've had a fox spirit in the house- by this, I mean it looks like a real, actual fox. It was annoying our dog and cats, but it stopped, after I asked it not to do that. This was followed by the girl-spirit who ALSO showed up in the house, right after. I can't see her, but my son can- and he says that she appears to an Asian child, small, and slightly mischievious. I've since decided that, for whatever reason, this may have something to do with Imari...although why She would be "knocking" on my door is beyond me. I've begun to honor Her in my haphazard way, and She doesn't seem to be causing trouble or to be irritated with me. So, that part has been working out well. My altar is large- and there's always room for more. I give you these stories as examples of how these things happen, in my family's life. Much of our "extended family" isn't even related to us by blood ties- we "adopt" aunt and uncles and cousins!- so it seems perfectly natural that my Deities would arrive in a similar fashion. So on to today. This morning, at 4:11 AM, I woke from what seemed to be a solid sleep. I don't recall any dreams or dreaming- but I did hear a Voice. She said, and I quote: "Child, you do realize that I am not always kind?" This last was delivered with a Voice that sounded...older. Wise. With a dry sense of humor, a kind of dry wit. Boy, did I wake up FAST! I don't recall making any deals with any Beings recently, or asking for any favors- in fact, I know that I haven't. Hearing a statement like that one, delivered the way it was? It was a bit...disturbing. Not scary, exactly, but I woke up with the gears turning at high speed! Gotta say, though, that it didn't frighten me so much that I couldn't go back to sleep. There were no negative presences in the room, no problems at all...just that enigmatic message. Folks, can you help me out here? I have zero idea who She is. I've been studying Bride (Brigantia/Brigid), but this doesn't really seem to fit Her profile. (I could be totally wrong, though- I am studying, not an expert, LOL!) Been hearing about the Morrigan and Freya lately, a lot, but neither feels quite...right. I'd also be interested whether anyone else knows who my Friend the Snake-Splitter is, or our Fox Girl. Thank you for reading this rambling post. And thanks, in advance, to anyone who will share their opinions on this! Any and all input is welcome. Blessings from my Hearth to yours!