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Found 1 result

  1. Forum Members- To these good folks below, whom have all provided us with their personal outlooks on Life and their interactions with this forum via the Hot Seat, a warm Thank You!! Even if you don't wish to ask new questions to some of our past Hot Seats, could I ask a small favor? Please, vote on the poll above and/or post your thoughts about the Hot Seat in reply to this Topic. Your comments would really help direct this portion of the forum. Previous Hot Seaters: BrDevon Songster Jay Bee Rev. Steven Wing Jeff O My Sanctification Murphy Rev. Dreed Qryos Fawzo Great Cthulhu Hyperreal Leopard Boy Hexalpa Carl Harry Carlson Santana Most of all have fun and enjoy this section. Besides learning about our Membership, that is really what it's all about...a little enjoyment with your fellow travelers on this forum! And remember, the only “dumb question” is one that is not asked !! Blessings of Peace, PS: The above names are just some of those that have been put up since April of 2011. I did a random link check and it looks like all links works. To visit those who have been posted here before April 2011, please visit the Hot Seat Archives All of the "Open Question about...." have been moved to the archives!