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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, It's been a while since I've picked up and read my copy of "A Course in Miracles". I bought it long ago because it piqued the curiosity of mentalization (that a word?) or mind power. Never finished it, though. While a bit much to read, I found it interesting, at least a bit. Been meaning to pick it up again. Now, I thought, through my brothers and sisters here, I could get an opinion on it by people I actually have had some form of interaction with. Has anyone here actually read and or studied it? What is your opinion of it? I'm curious if I might derive anything more than mere entertainment from it.
  2. Okay, so I was hanging out with my friends at lunch on my birthday earlier this month when we got into a conversation about the books I was reading. Right now I'm reading Storm Front by Jim Butcher and told them I thought Harry WAS SO ADORABLE. And I also said: "I'm only four chapters into this and I have a million ways I can ruin the Dresden Files by turning it into a romance." Then I heard someone across the restaurant start laughing at my comment. So, yeah. I'm like halfway through the first book and am kind of sad that Mr. Butcher has to cram a bunch of stuff into such a small book. I'm hoping I'm not disappointed by the climax or ending because the size of this book is too small for the awesomeness that is Harry. I was also told Harry's love affairs always end badly. That makes me a sad panda. ): Because Harry is exactly the kind of guy I would love to marry. /cue fangirl. Anyway. Does anybody else like this series? I don't want spoilers... I just wanna see how many people have read the series.
  3. I've just started reading "Star Wars: The New Jedi Order ~ Force Heretic I: Remnant". So far, it's really good. I've got the other two in the series that I have to read as well. What are you reading?