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  1. so i could perform a marriage right now without even going to the clerk ? just filled out the marriages papers what not and mail it at the approbriate time is that it as far as Wayne County goes or am i missing something ? sorry for all the questions just making sure im not mis understanding somthing dont wanna mess up and do somthing wrong you know

  2. first sorry its took me so long to reply as im using computer at library and can always get on it , also to answer Fawzo questions , mary can be both the mother of Soorows and Joy , as in her sorrows as in losings her son and watching happen under her eyes , and mother of joy because with the sorrows also came joy because throu his death there was life to humanity , so she is both mother of sorrows and mother of joy , is that answers your question or makes any sense as im not that best at explaining this.


  3. i've Astral projected about maybe 6-8 times in my life and its always surpriseing to me and a new experiece , still dont know how im doing it or when it will happen just that at night , Does anyone else have any experiece in Astral project , would love to hear all comments and experiances , and if able help on controling it or doing more .