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    Eagle Mountain, Utah

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    Religion and sex, odd companions, I know, but the two most fascinating topics there are.

    I also love castles, dragons, knights, kings, queens, princess's, The Lord of the Rings, ........
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    Free Thinking/Independant - Currently a ULC Seminary student

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  1. Merry Christmas back to you, I hope yours was a great day.
  2. Happy Birthday. I haven't saw you on here for a very long time. But I do remember you! Hope all is well.

  3. Oh, what a night! Yep, thats me with youngatheart looking over 2 generations. Zachary is doing well as is his beautiful mother, who by the way spent a grueling 19 minutes in actual labor. I hated the idea of becoming a grandfather at 49, but there was something about holding a tiny life in my hands that changed everything. I had planned to say something special over him when I held him for the first time......., a wish........, a wish that God would guide him as he had guided me. But when I held him and looked at him, my breath was stolen away, because I knew that my wish had already come true.