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  1. How do you know He/She is not? God exists in all of us. Many of us just choose to ignore that little factoid. It reminds me of the man in the path of an imminent flood. A State Trooper came to his house and told him he needed to evacuate, because a flood was on the way. The man refused, saying that "God will provide for my needs". The Trooper left, and soon, the waters began to rise. The man was forced onto his roof. A boat came by and they offered to rescue him, but the man stubbornly said "God will take care of me", and refused the help. The waters continued to rise, and as the man was stuck on the very apex of his roof by the fast moving water, a helecopter flew over, and the crew offered to lower a line to him. The man refused once again, saying "God will take care of me". The helecopter flew off to assist others, and the man ultimately drowned. As he was standing in front of God, he angrily asked, "God, why did you let me die?" God looked directly at him and said "I sent you a State Trooper, a boat, and a helicopter. What are you doing here?....." We need to pay attention.....
  2. I have to agree with Rev. John on Nietzsche. There is nothing in the Bible that contradicts science. You just have to understand what the Bible really is. It's not a nuts-and-bolts textbook, or a series of can't-fail recipes. It is a collection of wonderful, and masterful allegory, with layers upon layers of truth and meaning. There is some history in it, but it is mostly a very deep expression of really great principles.
  3. I've been commisioned to ghost write a book about the history of anointing within various cultures. I can handle the Christian part OK, but there is not much information of the history of oil usage within other cultures and belief systems. If anyone has any knowledge of pagan usage of essential oils, history, ceremonies, etc.... I would make sure you get full credit in the book. Wiccan, Native American, Druidic, and any other cultures are welcome. If you don't want to go public, feel free to PM me and I will protect your anonymity. Thanks to you all.