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  1. Happy Birthday !!

    Many, many, many blessings of Joy, Peace and Internal Happiness today especially, and always.

    Blessings of Peace,

    “RevAl” - Forum

  2. 12th street, but watch out for the parakeets....
  3. This seems to say that ritual is the last thing i need to think about... ?
  4. I'm looking for calling up energy (Evocation). Making of sacred places. I'm also looking for additional information as to WHY we use certin tools for certen jobs (I really need to learn how to spell that word... certin). Why, for example, do we use a wand for fire. I think a weapon of some kind (sword, spear, battle axe, mace...) would better suit my needs. I guess I could use whatever I wanted because its MY ritual and the link to the magical energies are my own. I just need to use it for that purpose every time; rite? Speaking of, should it be ok for Wizards to use the same circles and ritual techniques as wiccan practicees? anyhow... let me know what you have... thanks, CJRY
  5. Well, I couldn't decide where to post this, so I figured Ceremonies was the best place. I need help. I have a somewhat deep psychotic attraction to rituals. I am looking for certen things... but every ritual I come across (which is not that many actually) seems to be based of Solomon or something to that effect. I am not Wiccan, nor do I wish to become. However, I do enjoy there rituals. I need guidance in creating my own or modifying an existing ritual. If someone has any information or an outline or whatever. That would be great! If anyone has any reading material or books they can recommend, I am an avid history ocult reader (current on Three Books of Occult Philosophy by H.C. Aggrippa). anyone have any suggestions? feel free to move this thread if you need to.. Thanks, Cleric JRY