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    Just curious whether people consider themselves to be happy, sad, or both, depending on what day you ask them.. I am personally happy, but seldom content. I am content in what I believe, but not usually satisfied in where I'm at in life. I'm not sure its a good thing to be content, because it might mean that you want for nothing better and an attitude like that might bring all progress & growth in life to a screeching halt? Anyhow, if your happy, how did you get there?

    Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. ~Abraham Lincoln

    Happiness? That's nothing more than health and a poor memory. ~Albert Schweitzer

    As people spin faster and faster in the pursuit of personal happiness, they become exhausted in the futile effort of chasing themselves.

    The happiness of most people is not ruined by great catastrophes or fatal errors, but by the repetition of slowly destructive little things.

    Unhappiness is not knowing what we want and killing ourselves to get it.

    Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

    You need to learn to be happy by nature, because you'll seldom have the chance to be happy by circumstance.

    Oh Yes! I am happy with my self, my life, my husband, my children, my grandchildren

    I am often content, such as when snuggled in fluffy covers with a good book to read and a nice glass of wine... however I am not content to just sit back and let life happen, I am always awash in delightful anticipation for what life will bring next as it is ever changing and such an exciting ride on this molten centered spinning rock we call home.

  2. I find the history of Halloween fascinating and love that it has hung on for so long. I love this holiday and have from childhood on. Over the years we have hosted many a haunted house (some very elaborate in 4000 square foot of space and many "monsters" on hand to help with an entrance fee. We have had lavish parties and simple celebrations. I do not observe it as a religious experience or as part of my religious beliefs in any way. For me it is simply fun to go about in public out of our usual dress, attitude and even faces if we choose. Maybe we reflect the inner self, or the opposite of the inner self; maybe we choose to go grand and be a queen/king, god/goddess, devil, angel or famous human; or go scary or gory, or we choose sexy or even trampy; maybe we want pretty and many ways to go from current to historical, realistic or total is all so open.

    I never put restraints on my kids choices and would help make any costume they desired, my youngest once went in apparently no costume at all dressed in his "normal" clothing, when questioned about his lack of costume he would say he was a serial killer, and that they looked like everyone else.

    I hate that here in the deep bible belt of Alabama most towns did TOT on Saturday because Halloween fell on Sunday, that just isn't right, I believe at times that belt cuts off circulation to their brains.

    Life should be fun and I have always viewed Halloween as the ultimate let yourself go have fun (and be rewarded with candy) holiday we in America celebrate.


  3. My sister died from cancer

    god didn't give it to her, or allow her to get it

    Cancer is an illness, a freak cell that mutates into a monster

    It has no heart, no brain, no choice of victims

    It is not a being just a thing

    Science/doctors are working very hard on treatments and cures and I do hope your daughter falls into the group that walk away from this terrible disease with her life.

    Humans tend to want to have something to be angry at when bad things happen, I can understand that, I was there tending to my sister until her final breath, I see her two children living without her in their young lives. I want something to rage against but their is nothing there, it is a waste to rage against fate for cancer like this is just a random thing in most cases. She did nothing to cause it, it has been found and she can fight against it taking her, but it didn't choose her.


    I send my well wishes and hope you will be here one day talking about her being a survivor.

  4. Do you believe the places and people around you effect how you are spiritually?

    Short answer is Yes of course it does.

    It may be clutter that weighs heavy upon a person or another person in their lives, bills, pollution, the town attitude where one lives, the color of the walls, etc... anything from ones environment (life) and intrude upon ones well being and effects our spirituality.

    I live in two worlds that are very different from each other, I have a renovated commercial building built in 1891, with a 4000 sq ft apartment on the top floor and a bar, restaurant and art studio on the ground floor (and plans for a winery in the basement) it is artsy, decorated, painted and different from everything around it. The small rural town is 90% white southern Baptist and not very supportive to say the least, yet they like the tourist $ and are mostly content to leave religious tracks in the mailbox and benches outside.

    I also live in a college town in a 130 year old farm house that we are still rehabbing, where some of the floors are still "soft" and there is no insulation, here I work at beating back the overgrowth to discover all the great things those who came before me have planted and placed. I have very old fruit trees and newly planted vineyards, a newly dug lake from a very old spring, and buildings bursting with things people left behind.

    I love both places but they each give me vastly different things, the farm town is multi cultured, open and free, but the commercial place let me truly turn it into a huge art piece and it finance's the "new" farm. I have had to learn to be myself in both environments and that was a struggle. Each place recharges me and my spirituality in a different way and I am happy they are only an hour apart because I enjoy being able to leave one for the other when I need to.

    So many times in my life I have had to conform to my environment and the people around me, to have the freedoms I do now has taken hard work, a vision, and some great peoples help along the way. I have had everything but my life taken from me before and I will never go back to being the person I was when I allowed others views to dictate my behavior or beliefs; even if I lost it all again I would simply pick myself back up and focus on a new goal.

    Just as we dictate how others are allowed to treat us, we are ultimately in charge of our own environment, if we do not like how it is then it is up to us to change it, and change it we can, but it takes much more than sitting around wishing or praying, it takes getting up and doing.

    I am messy and often have a cluttered space around me (especially in my bedrooms) but that is not a bother to me, when it becomes one I will fix the situation :)

  5. money. I don't ask ppl questions about it either.

    I consider some subjects to be within the realm of one's personal business, & that's one of them.

    talking about income, expenses, etc., is in bad taste.

    I agree, money is the subject I don't talk about

    anything else I am an open book

  6. My 11 year old sons, with the help of their dad, have made a bunch of short movies that are really very funny...

    p.s. In truth, he has them write the scripts and do most all the work...... so some positive comments if you decide to watch, would tickle them big time. They find it amazing people watch their vids.

    I made this one for

    and this one for
    they love them. I put the originals on DVD's for them and they love to play them (drives their parents nuts they want to watch them so much)

    YouTube is fun

  7. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to everyone. Aaron was put in the hospital last Weds. He had surgery yesterday. They cut his esophagus so that food can pass through to his stomach it was an 1 3/4 hour long surgery he was in recovery room for 3 hrs. He had a rough night but hopefully he can come home in a few days. Thank you for all your prayers and healing thoughts.

    wonderful news

    hope this puts him on the road to recovery

    still in my thoughts and prayers

  8. Aaron doesn't have a feeding tube thank goodness. At first they didn't know what his problem was and it took him going without food and liquid for a as long as 10-14 days before they would put him in hospital and botox that may last a month or two. Then it starts up up again.

    He goes Wed. to see another doctor to discuss what procedure to do. either balloon or surgery. I had to beg for that early appointment they wanted to put him off until the 28. It wasn't until I told him he hasn't been able to keep anything down for 5 days that they gave him Wed. appointment

    these days so often the doctor has no idea of the scheduling problems people face when they are in need, a person is in charge of appointments and most have no medical training nor do they schedule on a "Need" basis, it is a sad state of American doctors offices.

    My Dad was given a feeding tube (surgically implanted in his stomach and there was an external port, hidden under his shirt and he hooked it up a few times a day. If your son gets too malnourished due to this problem this might be a temporary solution while they find the permanent solution, so he can regain some strength.

    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers

  9. I would like to live forever, and i would also not like to live forever

    yes the aspect of never dying, of never loosing the organic part of being alive, feeling, experiencing, and living life would be fantastic, the things you would learn and see and do, the people you would meet, know and love would be awesome, yet at the same time those people would die and leave you still living and that would be the part that would make me say no, so it is a balance of yes and no not sure I could choose either answer, but the answer is already chosen. We will live forever, only in spirit form, nothing organic only energy but it will never be as good as living in the physical world, able to touch and be touched, hear and be heard, see and be seen.

  10. Hi everyone, I know its been a while since I have been here. My son Aaron has been very ill since March of last year (really before that) that is when his hospital stays started. Any way, tests are conclusive he has Achalasia and either dialation or surgery is needed. We are hoping for surgery its more permenant than dialation. The surgeon and DARS will decide. I am asking for prayers, to get this going he hasn't been able to keep food down for abt. 5 days now. He has been regurgitating food since before Christmas but he was able to keep some food down.



    My father had Achalasia with his esophageal cancer, I know the horror of watching the struggle, My heart goes out to you and your son, I do hope the doctors find a solution for him soon. I assume he has a feeding tube in place by now and i hope he is keeping his weight up. Y'all are in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. What music would you like to listen to when your time has come?

    I would like to have the Grateful Dead playing as I give up life on Earth, and at my funeral as well I think

    "So Many Roads", "The Wheel", "The only time is now", "The music never stopped", and "To lay me down" would be good ones I think among others

  12. Although some may be surprised by my response (myself included), I feel, at the moment, that the "majority of the masses" need some of the laws and organized religions to keep them "civilized" and "socially aware", because from my personal observation and uneducated calculations, about 80% of the human population would be mentally incapable of self preservation without any fences to pen them in...even though they be "perfect representations of themselves". :shift:


    anything can be used as a tool and for a large percentage of the population, thanks to the dumbing down of America, organized religion and stupid laws that seems ridiculously confining and even demeaning to the thinking population are needed to keep them with a small amount of decorum. They are the sheep that must have clear rules, deep lines in the sand and black and white "rules" where there is no gray areas. These people are just who the government want for they are malleable after being trained up in government schools. Of course it isn't PC for me to say so, then i am being elitist, that is what I was called the other day. And this was by a red neck who hates all other breathing humans except white people and just hates it that i have so many "different" people who hang out at my place. She says I hate stupid people, I tell her I don't I just hate the system that forms so many of them with no ambition past wining the lottery or a lawsuit and expect someone else to take care of them while they sit home watching Springer, Morry and reading the national enquirer to know what is going on in the world. They wave the flag and watch wrestling and nascar and never read a book but love Nancy Grace and have no goals in life past getting to Friday night. They sit and watch life but never jump in a live it or change much more than their underwear. But don't get me started...

  13. If you believe in self-ownership i.e. that you "own" or control yourself and are thus responsible for your actions, then the same must be true of each other person. You have no right to force them to do anything and they have no right to force you to do something. Also, neither they nor you have the right to stop someone from doing something so long as what they are doing doesn't harm another.

    In the case of whether someone should be "allowed" to harm themselves (which you clarified as the government being the allower), the question is flawed in that government has no right to allow or disallow you anything... you were created with certain inalienable rights. If you own yourself and are responsible for your own actions, the government has no claim to your life, property or the result of your toil. And unless a person commits violence, fraud or theft, the government should have no other involvement in their lives.

    The point being that people are free to do what they will so long as what they do doesn't harm anyone else. The caveat of this freedom is that they must be responsible for what they do and accept the consequences of their actions. If someone wishes to harm themselves, they have that right but not the right to harm others.

    A lot of people talk about a woman's "right to choose". I believe a woman's right to choose is the same as a man's right to choose. The choice, however, is not whether killing a fetus is or is not murder but rather whether or not to keep it in your pants or not keep it in your pants.

    If you choose not to, you must accept the consequences... be it a venereal disease or a baby you may not want. The right thing to do in that case is have the child and give it up for adoption. That is the price one must pay if they choose to have sex. Millions of people make that choice every day but few are prepared to accept the responsibility of their actions.

    Now you might say "What about rape?" and I would say that the violence of one person does not give another person the right to commit violence on a yet another person. Yes, a rapist should be punished and not just prison but also paying restitution to support any children their violence creates. Yes, the victim did not ask to have a child nor is it fair that they should give birth but it is the responsible thing to do. To have the child and give it up for adoption. The child may be a product of his/her father's sins but that makes the child no less innocent of it's father's crimes.

    That's my two cents and you are free to disagree.

    you started out well here and while I personally would have loved to have another child (back when I was having children) I had cancer and the choice was no longer available, I wouldn't have had an abortion, but it is not my place, nor anyone else's to tell a woman she can not do so, just like you started this out it is a choice that must be available because it isn't our place or right to do otherwise. No matter what we personally might believe about the end of the fetus life, we have not the right to force our beliefs on anyone else.

  14. crzyme, it sounds like ive offended you and that you disagree with my statement.

    I understand where it is that youre coming from (if I understand where youre coming from, that is).

    Being aware that most people would be able to find fault in my statement, and knowing ("full well") that I would not be able to anticipate every situation, I still did my best to minimize the number of circumstances that one might present for objection.

    The story of your husbands second cousin is one example that i feel should have been covered with the statement immediately above, since it brought nothing but sincere respect and admiration for him from me, but it did not change my original opinion.

    It seems that your husbands 2nd cousin and I have many things in common; one of which is that

    "...much of what he has to say can be lost via not being understood".

    I will try to rectify this (and hopefully do it without offending you even more), in another post and under another topic title, if you should be so kind as to follow me, It would be my pleasure to help you understand my point of view.

    Thank you,

    and if it be an appropriate situation, I would love to have your cousins second husband join us!

    Peace, crzyme.



    :lol: SORRY, I meant "your husbands second cousin", of course! :lol:

    :lol: got to love the finger slips :D

    I answered this on the other topic title

    I did ask Brandon if he would like to come here and he said he might come have a look so I sent him a link

    we can only wait to see if he does come

    I know you would enjoy talking to him he is a smart, funny basically happy guy

    even if he is also a NASCAR loving, country music fan and a red neck (this is for him in case he shows up, Hey Brandon) :kiss: .

  15. Every soul born is an unique individual.

    What some of you will call a "birth-defect" is perfect nature

    to the one born.

    If ever there were one born whom would consider itself "defective", well then,

    that one should be laid waste; for the ONLY defect apparent to "God" is

    the belief or intention that a gift such as life could ever be diminished

    or squandered upon any form of life that was anything less than perfect..

    And the only "sin":

    believing that there could exist within ANY form

    of life, from the smallest and (seemingly) most insignificant state of

    existence unto the the most expansive and furthest reaching arms of any

    celestial universe might contain within itself ANY sign or symptom of being

    ANYTHING other than PERFECT...Even from the very moment of its creation, unto

    the final assimilation of its last mote of physical life.

    ...To be continued ...sorry bout that i gotta go...bad!

    This is almost off subject I want to tell you about my husbands 2nd cousin

    He is 22 years old and has cerebral palsy due to being born too early and having head trauma during his birth because he was just so tiny.

    he is bound to a chair, has limited control of only one hand nothing else just the one hand

    with that one hand he drives his chair with a joystick controller, same thing with his computer and the joystick controller there it is an arduous task but he loves to have a fantasy life on-line where he is not seen as he is in real life.

    There isn't anything lacking in his intelligence, he is very smart

    He is a happy young man for the most part

    he has Friends who come and get him, they go to concerts, bars, movies and to the beach for spring break a few times

    I enjoy spending time with him, he is funny and has a great comedic timing that catches many off guard and flies right over the heads of others.

    He wants no pity wasted on him

    But he also hurts at the things he can not fathom doing, he wants to be able to control the movements of his head, this frustrates him more than no being able to walk.

    he wants to control his speech, because he has so much to say and he has to push the words out of his body with such effort, much of what he has to say can be lost via not being understood, or people jumping in to fill the gaps, finishing what they think he was trying to say.

    He wants to be a husband and father, but says he could not do a sufficient job of either so he will never pursue that road

    so while this might be pure nature to him it is not natural, he is not unaware of what life could have been had he made it full term, had the Doctor not rushed in from a party and used the forceps just a wee bit too tightly

    he was monetarily compensated for the "mistake"

    he has the finest chair, bed and lifts

    and like all defects his was not made by God, allowed by God

    nor was he "given to special parents that could handle such a child" good lord that is a great one to hear.

    In all of life mistakes are made, a genetic code mistake

    an altered chromosomal mistake

    a chemically induced mistake

    an act at birth mistake

    a drunken doctor mistake

    They are not God engineered, they are not tests of faith, they are not sins enacted upon the child for the sins of the parents they are just mistakes, not perfect, they just are what they are and unchangeable

    Brandon knows his is unchangeable, he doesn't pine away at what he lost, but his is very aware of what he can not do (even though I disagree with him on the wife and child thing and at 22 he doesn't know these things yet) and how his life was shorted, he is not bitter or angry about the situation but he is frustrated.

    his biggest anger seems to come when people say he is special, blessed or when Christians tell him he will be "whole" in heaven if he believes in Jesus. He is whole, he is blesses via his own spirit, personality and intellect, and he is special because he is kind, and caring not because he has a brain disorder.

    okay blew off some steam here

    back to work...

  16. The last thing you would want is the government deciding on your harm,

    will fat people be arrested for eating donuts? (they cause ins rates to rise)

    will you be arrested for smoking in your own home, (well their are kids in the house)

    the mother drinking hurts the unborn child, (but she has the right to abort)

    the person with a 60 iq has a child, (is this intentional harm)

    should the unwed, un educated, unable to support mother be forced to abort? (maybe society does

    not wish to pick up her tab for 18 years)

    It appears to me that in most cases your harm has an indirect harm to others and society,

    if only through cost.

    you are right and have convinced me

    no laws to regulate self harm nor harm for the unborn

    life is a roll of the dice

    some children are born with things that will affect them all of their lives some of these defects/differences are directly related to an act during pregnancy or at birth on the part of the doctor or parent it can't be illegal and for exactly the reasons you state.

    and I sure don't want the government into any more stuff than they already are, as a matter of fact they should get the heck out of a lot of the stuff they stick their noses into right now.