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  1. Glad to have you, it is good to have some on here that are sincere ,most are, if i can be of help let me kow, I study daily, don't have the answers or I wouldn't need to study.. GOD bless and good luck MIRACLES DO HAPPEN
  2. There were many places I visisted before I decided this was the ordination for me. I love the attitude of all and the discussions of different religions and interpertations. I was raised as a Church of Christ southern style. One way to heaven and one way to Hell, I just couldn't accept the fact that God is that narrow minded, after all forgiveness is what the Lord says and I believe we all use it every day. I am presently doing what I can to spread Good and christian beliefs, but that doesn' mean that all else who don't agree are going to hell or not enjoy life .. Bless all
  3. am currently reading the broker by john grisham, am a big fan of dan brown,the davinci code etc.