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  1. A truly sad day for the ULC. Deepest sympathy and Condolences. My prayer are with you. God Bless
  2. I really don't want to see it,,, two guys just don't do it for me... I don't care if there are gay people or not, it is just not my thing,, even if I do have a gay friend,, but he knows how I feel and does not try to push it on me..
  3. Say it isn't so! Next, you’ll be telling me the boat sinks, at the end of Titanic... ~ Elf
  4. I like it..It may get the younger gen. to turn around.
  5. weel I don't seem to read as much as the rest of you but I am reading Steven King--On Writting..It is a good book for those who want to write.
  6. I think it all started a long time ago, I have always tried to help people, listen to them and help them if I could. But when I really found out was when I went to prison, started to study the word and found out that this is what I should do. Now that I am a minister I feel like I am a whole person. God has been good to me.