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    Reverend Tess McNamara "Illegitimi non carborundum"
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    I am a Psychic Profiler, Medium Clairvoyant, Remote Viewer and work for TV ASAHI Save Our Souls Programme as a Psychic Detective and Psychic Profiler etc with finding missing bodies and helping solve murder cases.<br />I am faithfully happily married for past 19 years. I have five children, my eldest James Terrence Crofts 14/2/87-13/June/2001.<br /><br />is his website and charity in his memory.PLease support this charity for kids and adults with brain tumours who are in necessitous circumstances.<br />Hope to make friends and be a friend to any whom need me.<br />God Bless<br />Reverend Gabrielle Crofts ULC
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    My strength God has given me
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    Pro Utilitate Hominum
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    recovering catholic ex vatican catholic......

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    Ordained MInister of ULC
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  1. I left the Universal Life Church many years ago and asked them to remove my name and my comments, never have I had a response can admins remove all mention of me and my comment son this site please Thanksxx

  2. Dear Fellow ULC Ordained Ministers I need to ask , am in Western Australia, How can I start to begin to gather together a Church community and fellowship for worship ULC Ordination is not recognised in Australia, wish someone would get it registered with Attorney Generals Dept. Why cant ULC HQ do this?. They have good lawyers I take it?. Am so sick and tired of people saying ULC ordinations are not valid or credible. I love this church of ULC. I love th motto, and the credo. I love the fact that we are all accountable for our actions, I love the fact that I believe that The Holy Spirit a
  3. I believe that under NO circumstances should any person be able to deliberately harm themselves, when in their full faculties and not under duress or influence of chemical in the brain issue such as mental illness. I believe that we as a society need to protect children and vulnerable adults if they cannot protect themselves, with proper medical care. I believe that when a woman is pregnant she carried within her a human life not a clump of cells. I do think each person will have to answer to God for their own actions in this life. Murder is still murder, whether or not a baby is considered
  4. Dear Family I am so saddened to hear of Lidias passing, the ULC has provided a haven for the people who were guided by God to the Church, I am in Perth, Australia and I send my sincere love and hugs and best wishes to you all. The Hensleys changed my life and my world. Thank you for your life Lydia and the amazing spirit within you which guided so many Tess McNamaraxxxx
  5. Reverend Tess McNamara, I am new to the forums, and was reading through the introductions. I wanted to pass along that I hope you find your center and realize you made the right choice to become ordained. You are the center, the core, the focus of your beliefs, weather your acquaintances see your commitment as "valid" means nothing to God, only that you see it. Please spread the word and t

  6. I chose to listen to the calling of the Holy Spirit and become an Ordained Minister. Sadly many attacked my Ordination and called it bogus and ridiculous. Many said it was a sin and I am quite sure you have heard all the negatives. I am quite devastated at the response negative to my wanting to serve Humanity as a ULC MInister. I am in Perth Western Australia and feel somewhat disorientated now and lost and confused, and not sure now what to do and how to begin a Ministry and how to set up a church and Minister to the people noone else wants, the disenfranchised and most needy vulnerable in
  7. Thank you sincerely Reverend Hansen, that site has given me a lot of information. I think it is a well researched one. Blessings May God Bless you Reverend Tess McNamara Perth Western Australia