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  1. As some of you may know I was suppose to perform a renewal ceremony today for a couple. The Gentleman, Rick, has cancer and he is not doing very well. In fact they had to cancel the ceremony because as of last night it didn't look like he was going to make it through the night. However, he did, but it is not looking good right now. Today is his 55th birthday. The family is asking everyone for their good thoughts/vibes/prayers. If you have a facebook acct. Please go to the event page to show your support: https://www.facebook...87676088006515/ It helps the friends and family of Rick to stay pos
  2. OK my fiance' is in Jail and we are trying to get married I have the money and the marriage papers are all filled out. however they (the jail) can't marry us until March 8, 2006 . I guess what I am asking is...if I can find a minister in my area to go with me to visit my fiance' can they marry us in our visit?? (it's a room with a thick piece of glass between us.) Is that legal.... I live in Sonoma County, California... Is there someone that can tell me if this is legal.. .My fiance' has already filled out and signed his part of the papers. It is going to be a confidential marri