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  1. <H1 style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; TEXT-ALIGN: center" align=center> </H1><H1 style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; TEXT-ALIGN: center" align=center>The Frog Pursuit</H1> There once was a boy who found himself without a care for the discipline of life. From the feeling of being uncaring for what would result in life, this boy stood within his chaos. As he grew and became a man, he continued to flounder in his true desire, uncaring of the outcome of his actions. One day as he was walking through the streets of the busy city that he lived in, a small girl unexpectedly crossed his
  2. PRESS RELEASE FOR ADVENTURES OF MONIKO “Evolution of the Soul through the spirit of the child” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Scheduled for release April 30, 2007 – Copyright © 2007 LS Myers ISBN-13 978-1-60145-128-6 ISBN-10 1-60145-128-8 CONTACT: LS Myers 913-254-0550 ~ JOIN A JOURNEY THAT WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN ~ The Adventures of Moniko are pages that will take you inside Moniko’s home in the Sun. On a journey that will not only entertain you, but allow you to be a participant. Each