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  1. I was previously ordained by another organization who had a real problem with the fact that I am a Gay man although the congregation I was serving in had no problem at all with their Gay Pastor...Needless to say the denomination defrocked me. I was ordained with ULC on June 20 96 as a means to keep my position with my congregation. Since that time, I have served several congregations as a leader bring congregations to welcoming and affirming congregations. Currently, I took a position with a Welcoming and Affirming Congregation who has Affirmed my ordination. I have served in Churches Prisons Hospitals Campus Ministries, I have performed over 300 Weddings and more Funerals than I want to remember. But God has been good to me and I hope that the people I have served are as blessed as I am in serving them. Rev. Joey
  2. Everyone needs love even if We don't think they deserve it

  3. Happy Birthday. I hope you have a great day

  4. Urthman

    Hey I see that it is your birthday today. I hope that you will have the best day of your life today...and that the rest only get better.

    Rev Joey