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  1. The question supposes that God actually exists. If I asked "would you want to see the face of the Easter Bunny if it meant you'd have to believe?" it would have the same level of meaning. The question also supposes not only the 'Christian' version of God but very specifically the Roman Catholic version of God. I like the song but it's about as deep as a parking lot puddle when it comes right down to it.
  2. As a fan of the book, I truly enjoyed "Fear and Loathing ..." but I would never say it was a 'good' film ;-). You've seen "Where the Buffalo Roam", yes? (Bill Murray, Peter Boyle)
  3. Brian Eno's Music for Films, Music for Airports and a few others whose titles I've forgotten. Robert Fripp's 'Soundscape' recordings; listed below Pie Jesus November Suite The Gates of Paradise (a personal favorite) Soundscapes, Vol I, II, and III all are available here; Also Fripp and Eno together; No **footing and Evening Star Also, the Dead Can Dance album The Serpents Egg is truly exquisite I'll be sure to check your list out!!!
  4. A sequel for Dogma, huh? Mmmm, sometimes sequels can be SOOO bad. I hope this doesn't turn out to be one of those.
  5. I don't understand. Do you get Playbill in the mail or on-line, like a magazine or e-mag subscription?
  6. The film you refer to is called "The Passion". As a jew, I remember receiving the letter telling me I was supposed to complain about it. For a fairly even handed description of the turmoil surrounding the release of this film, you could go here' Or not. After all, no one is holding a gun to your head.
  7. It looks like it could be interesting. I'm hoping they don't go w/ opera trained voices (the 'new' standard for Broadway musical actors) as they tend to lack charecter. As a side note, the Cherry Lane isn't actually a Broadway Theatre.
  8. Dogma and Constantine!!! - I can't believe I forgot those. I loved them both. Something about good angels gone bad really reaches me
  9. Chronicles of Narnia? (seems to be some speculation about that)
  10. I just saw it over the weekend. I loved it but can't call it a good film. I felt the connection between the heroine and Kong pretty strongly. Kongs facial expressions really help here but I didn't believe Jack Blacks charecter for a second which was odd because I usually enjoy him. I thought the special effects were superior and the long shot of Kongs fall of the Empire State Building was beautiful. You want to see this on a big screen, but you don't want to pay full price (IMO)
  11. Greg the Bunny This was gone from the airwaves very quickly. I don't think they filmed an entire season. Eugene Levy - Sarah Silverman - Seth Green - and a whole bunch of hand puppets. Really. The show centered around the cast (both Puppet and, er, Fleshie) of a kids TV show called Sweetknuckle Junction but the themes of the show itself were fairly adult. Funny stuff and very very weird.
  12. I saw it. I loved it. I didn't know the joke going in. The joke is not the point. Watching a bunch of quality comedians from multiple generations tell this joke was like watching a bunch of quality jazz musicians play the same tune. First it was kinda funny. Then it was kinda repetitive. Then it got progressively funnier and funnier. I don't think I would let Bob Saget in my house. Not suggested for those who are easily offended.
  13. I agree, but I'm a Wheedon-verse junkie. I miss the 'other' one, but it was time for it to end. So, Nerts, wha'd'ya think of Serenity?
  14. I just finished reading The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. Facinating little book revolving around the Devils visit to Communist (and Atheist) Russia in the mid 1930's. Anyone else read it?
  15. BTW, I liked Second Snowfall. It really smoothed out my mood today at work (IT Help Desk type job). Funny how style designations change. You called this 'New Age'. Fifty years ago it would have been 'Lite Classical' perhaps. How did you record it?