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  1. ------------- I can see your argument, not that we are here to argue. But if you claim to not know why then don’t you find the answers??? And if God came into this world to keep complete order then he would have to be a part of this world. I’m glad we are not robots, but I totally agree that God should step in and help some really bad situations, and I'm sure he does through wisdome! But we are in a Grace period of some sort where he has chosen to let us run a course till all is fulfilled. I don’t actually know bad things because my world is full of security, in that I’m basically healthy, and lots of blessings. I worry sometimes about some things, but that’s basically it. God has it under control as far as I can see, we don’t have a total global catastrophe yet, but it might be coming. And to be honest, I don’t have all the answers, I just happened to fall on something years back while reading several versions of Biblical books and Bibles. But it’s only because I tried to find the answers I so patiently looked for. Seek and you will find! And I promise you it’s there if you chose to look for it. But don’t take anybody’s word for it, find out for your self. I’m not going to say I’m perfect, just trying to find that perfect word so at least part of me can be perfect. I can sence you have never really read a Bible through in your life like most people. Nobody can make it that way. I don't understand why people even think they have a chance with just fleshly wisdome, wisdome from this world. Have a nice day, O-yea, and good luck with knowing that one God you believe in!!! carpenter!
  2. ---------------- Well Fawzo, sounds like you have it all figured out with your fleshly wisdom. I believe you are basically a smart person. A fleshly mind is simply one that you receive from the world. If you were Spanish you would have a Spanish mind, if Japanese a Japanese mind and so on. You sound like you have an English mind of some sort and you are programmed to think only from what you know from your past. Not to offend you, but you have no spiritual inner soul. It’s what most everybody has. It’s what’s called fleshly wisdom. If you were to write a book and we were to read it, we would receive a small portion of your fleshly knowledge you have received from this world. If we believe what you believe and you passed away one day before us that believe in you, we would be known as believing on something from beneath. When someone is buried underground they are from beneath not from above. Now Christ is the only one we know that has resurrected and went upward, so if we find a writing from Christ we become from above because he is no longer considered from beneath. In the Old Testament God was above talking down to us. He was a fire by night and a dark cloud by day, but he was always above. But in John 8:23 it reads; Yee are from beneath, I am from above: Yee are of this world, I am not of this world. And so on, but it’s not wrong the way we start, we are just not complete until we get Christ in us. And it’s not hocus pocus, it’s actually real for us that know the truth. So it’s not a bad thing to be fleshly minded, your just not complete. So it’s if you go down now or real soon, you can’t be raised. And to spread fleshly wisdom can be a disaster if someone believes like you do!!! In 1st John 4:4-6 it reads, Ye are of God little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, then he that is in the world. They are of the world, therefore speake they of the world, and the world heareth them. We are of God: hee that knoweth God, heareth us: he that is not of God heareth not us, hereby know wee the spirit of trueth and the spirit of errour. And so on! So it just might be that you can not hear, ever thought about it. But it’s all there; we simply have to read if we have enough time left in this world. So actually to say anything without Christ in us is simply worldly! And you can absolutely NOT just walk down some isle at a local church and believe in some preacher, you have to read the correct Bible and put that spirit inside you. If we don’t, Well??? Have a nice day! Carpenter
  3. ------------------------------ WOW! It’s nice to see people actually talking about the Bible in a constructive way for a change, or at the least thinking. A Liberal Christian is a person that believes in more than one God, but you already know that. And how many Gods do we have? I guess it depends on a person, weather he is fleshly or spiritually minded! Let me give you a clue, if you believe in more that one God, and there is only one God, you just might make him very upset. I’m sure not going to judge, that has already been done. I feel Pete is a good person also, and I don't think anybody is actually going to a place you call HELL! I know the Bible reads that some will go to a place called Hell a little earlier than others, but it also reads that most people are simply born over and over until they overcome the flesh and become spirit. But it’s only a very few hard working souls that receive that reward. You remember the verse in John, ye must be born again, that which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit. If people would only try a little and read between the lines they would know these things. But you know how this ole world works, people want the easy way out. If a person is fleshly minded they let others teach them and take the easy way out, or no way at all. It’s just the way people are. I didn’t mean to say anything bad about anyone, just making a statement on what I’ve learned from the spirit view of matters. You ever read a Bible with heart, I mean like you really care about your future, and possibly the future of others around you. Wow, can you believe in a life where we live forever??? That would be awesome, and if you don’t want it, that’s ok. I suspect that if a time comes where if people stand before a maker and never took the time to find out the truth, well you can say that you did it your way! I did it my way! Ha! Sorry folks, I like everybody and hope for the best for all. But I chose to try my best to do it his way thank you. Enjoy life! Carpenter
  4. 'Pete' date='06 January 2010 There is much comment as to what is a Liberal Christian or indeed does such a thing exist. Some say we are not Christian. I cannot speak for all Liberals, so I hope people will understand that I speak from a person viewpoint. Much of the criticism that is laid against the liberal school of thought is that the concept is not biblical. The answer, I give to that is that is, being not biblical is the whole point, as liberals describe the bible as a collection of documents from differing recourses, written by man, choreographed to fit some of the Old Testament writings, and not the actual infallible words of God. Conservatives, on the hand, argue strongly that the Bible is the actual inerrant word of God. Liberals and Conservatives are therefore polarised at differing ends of the spectrum that is Christian theology. Yep, WOW Pete. you are really confused and not in the least bit saved at all as far as any Bible reads. It’s a shame for a person like yourself to know scripture so well, only to perish in the end. But I like your piece, you just need to study more. You sound like a really smart person, and I know it took a lot of time and thought to establish this piece. For a person to trash Gods word needs some serious help. You are correct about some things, the bibles are confusing and if a person doesn’t continue reading the different versions, he may not find the one and only correct version. There is one true version that all the rest come from, and all the rest are generics of this Original Version. That’s why you see the way you see, blindly! I’m in no way talking against you, I actually enjoyed reading your piece. If you can remember from your readings when Christ was on the Cross, over his head he had written, “King of the Jews”, in three languages, Hebrew, Greek, & Latin. This is the elements that make up our Original Bible that we have. No one uses this version in any Church that I know of today, maybe one or two small churches. All the Churches today use the Generic versions created by man. But in the original you have to look behind the words. If you chose to look only on the surface you will be blinded, like trying to see Moses face while he was wearing the veil to cover it. Also it is a book that is sealed. Most people look at the surface of being sealed. They think that to be sealed that it is locked. Not true! A seal is a way to prove its truth. Isaiah 29:11, 12, 13 reads: “And the vision of all is become unto you, as the words of a book that is sealed,” and so on!!! It simply states that no one really cares enough to read the Bibles and find the actual truth of the matter. I’ll get to the seals in a moment, but first I want to discuss the part about people making up things in the bibles you talked about. You’re right about that part. Like I said, they are the Generic versions that are made to please people. The Bible industry is very commercialized in that if it isn’t easy, people just don’t want it. Christ tells us about the Generic versions in John 5: 39, “Search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life, and they are they which testify of me.” What he is saying here is that even if you read the Generic versions of the Bible they will state claim to the original. OK lets look at the seals. Back in the old days they use to send a letter and on the letter they use to drip wax from a candle on it and press the persons ring in the wax and this was called a seal. It was a way to prove the letter was the original. Esther 8: 8 and Daniel 6:15 “sealed with the Kings ring. The seal is to establish the truth. The seals are all in the Original Bible and will establish which one is the truth. But on the front page you can see the two ring prints. Also the Original is in two forms but the exact same Bible word for word and letter and letter. The old Royal Gothic print and the modern Roman print. It’s the only one of its kind to follow Genesis 41: 32 “it is done twice because it is established by God”. Also look in Deut. 19: 15. Matthew 18: 16, and it’s read, I and My Father are one. Another seal is in 2 Timothy 2: 9 reads, “the word of God is not bound. There is no copyright on the original, because it’s Gods word! If a bible is copyrighted you cannot make copies and sell them or give them away, by law they will put you in jail!!! And if it is copyrighted then you receive a curse. Jeremiah 17: 5 cursed be the man that trusteth in man!!! There are no page numbers on the pages of the original because it’s eternal in the heavens. Yep, and many, many more seals are there to be revealed if you chose. But it is in a parable form for a reason, because most of all people just will not even have a chance of being “Saved”. So it’s ok to say what you want about the many Bibles. You are probably right about the most part! But one Bible has words behind the words. Kind of like a person is made. You ever been driving down the road and something from inside tells you that you might have left you wallet at home? You ever had thoughts that keep repeating in your mind? Yep, we have an inner and outer spirit. We are just built that way, and so is the original Bible. So if you simply read it, the answers will come naturally. 1st John 2:27, look carefully at the lettering and how it reads, But the anointing which ye haue receiued of him, abideth in you : and yee need not that any man teach you : But, as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is trueth, and is no lye: and euen as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him. Have a nice day, maybe in the next life!
  5. This my Personal Bible and I have read it over twenty times and still love it just as much as the first time!

  6. Simply a Bible Reader!!!

  7. Why? Well I guess its better than asking me if I am saved??? Ha! Are at least that’s what the world wants to do to you. “ARE YOU SAVED”??? Ha! But you can bet your breeches that the person asking absolutely knows nothing about what he is asking. If a person was to actually set down and read through the many versions of what is called the “HOLY” Bible of today, they wouldn’t even think about asking, because the so called Christian people of today’s world are nothing but a strong stereotype of bondage, where as the ULC is freedom for us all to believe what we want. 99% of all people don't really set down and actually read one of the Bibles, they just pretend they do! Ha! We all want to have a feeling of belonging, and in here, the ULC, we won’t get beat up by some religion trying to brainwash me into thinking there is something wrong with me! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we get a basic background of belief in something from the world, but most all religions, especially today’s Christians, try to tell you that reading their Bible is not necessary to be saved? What? Yep, just ask any preacher and they will tell you to believe in what “He” says and you “SHALL” be saved! Ha! First that is sin at it’s fullest, Jeremiah 17:5, Read it! There is a way to “walk with God” as it’s said about Enoch, Genesis 5:24. And to be a good student of Christ, John 8:31, Read it! So to actually be free and gain some knowledge of what this world is actually about, join the ULC and it will give you a feeling of belonging to something and then pick up one of the many versions of the Bible and start the long journey of finding out what God is really about. But reading through the neat pages of ideas from the people on the ULC site is fun! And people in here will tell you the truth about what they think and how they feel. That’s kind of why I joined the ULC and became an ordained minister by the ULC. Not to become “SAVED”, but to have a feeling of belonging in something, and freedom from bondage is a safe way to start! There is no real difference in being ordained from the ULC or the world, but the ULC gives me freedom to use my Ordination as I see fit, as a matter of speaking. Paul said it right in Acts 22:28 about being free and belonging. But don’t get me wrong, I do believe there is a way to have a feeling of belonging to Gods world and actually having a Bible that came from “Him”, John 5:39, and 1st John 2:27. So I became part of the ULC not to be saved, but to be free and enjoy my Ordination!!! So there you have it, and It's my personal buisness if I'm saved or whatever I am? So lets go a fishin! Ha! The Carpenter!
  8. I became ordained with the Universal Life Church because there was no bondage of any sort involved. All man made Regilions try to bind you to their church or beliefs, even man made Bibles have a copywright in the front which is simply a sign of bondage. Did you know if you copy and reprint a Bible that has a copywright they can put you in Jail! Yep, read the copywright in a Bible like the NIV, it’s a serious money making buisness these companies have going trying to get you hooked. But the ULC gives a fredome we should enjoy. God gave us a choice to chose to be saved or not. Like he gave us his word and also mans word. We have the choice to chose. Gods word is free, and mans word is bondage, 2nd Timothy 2:9, and John 8:31,32. This freedome we are in, it’s called Grace. It’s true we have to learn before we can find what’s free, but we have to continue in knowledge. The wisdome is there, we just have to find it. Cursed is the Man that trusteth in Man, Jeremiah 17:5. But love and fredome of the spirit are free, we just have to enjoy it if we choose. To be actually saved is extremely rare, John 5:39, but when you are, well…Be from above, and I believe that if it’s freedome involved then it’s a good thing, Thanks ULC for not making us believe in a bunch of man made rules and laws.
  9. Hi, I just wanted to welcome you to ULC, have a nice day and God Bless!!!

  10. To be honest, I just like reading the different views of people. To try to see behind the words has been fun for me, and has helped me to understand more why I know what trueth is! I really like the ULC and the freedom it lets us all share. To be in bondage with our beliefs is a sad thing to be in. Carpenter